Senate Conservatives Action President Ken Cuccinelli II; Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell wants you to think he opposes the effort to defund Planned Parenthood in the continuing resolution because it could cause a government shutdown and he doesn't have 60 votes in the Senate when in fact it only takes 41 votes to filibuster funding for the organization. He doesn’t care about stopping funding for Planned Parenthood, and he never has. Facts he doesn't want you to know:

(1) In 1992, McConnell voted to allow taxpayer-funded research using body parts from aborted babies.  Roll Call Vote #263, 10/2/92  This policy, which was vetoed by President George H. W. Bush but later signed into law by President Bill Clinton, had the effect of making abortion even more profitable for Planned Parenthood. 
(2) In 1992, McConnell voted to overturn the so-called "Reagan Rule" that prohibited Planned Parenthood from using taxpayer dollars for pro-abortion counseling.  
Roll Call Vote #254, 10/1/92  McConnell's vote was to override President Bush's veto, but the House sustained it. Then, in 1993, President Clinton overturned the "Reagan Rule" by Executive Order on the first day of his administration.
(3) In 1997, McConnell voted against a targeted ban on federal funding for research on body parts from abortions.  
Roll Call Vote #215, 9/4/97
 McConnell was one of 14 liberal Republicans who voted to allow taxpayer-funded research on body parts from abortions.

(4) McConnell has voted for at least 15 bills that provided funding for Planned Parenthood dating back to 1998. At least six of his past votes to fund it were when Republicans controlled the House, Senate, and White House.  He has repeatedly voted to force American taxpayers to fund Planned Parenthood. Please call the Senate Republicans an urge them to oppose the CR that funds Planned Parenthood.

Tell them to stand up to McConnell. If he wants to fund Planned Parenthood, he should be forced to do it alone.

You can sign up for emails from Senate Conservative Action, Ken Cuccinelli, President, HERE  You may remember that it was the RNC that caused the defeat of Cuccinelli as Governor of Virginia and favored Democrat Terry McAuliff.  The RNC and those like McConnell who support them are evil, evil people.

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I just looked at a list of republicans that are hosting a fund raiser guess what they are the very ones that you speak of all joined at the hip Mc Cain,Flake, Gosar, Franks etc. we are no longer free you really think you can beat them our own Bower's hired a commie as an attorney. Good luck. 

Well said, Larry.  And we can get rid of graham and Bowyer if needed but only from inside the party and Graham supports McCain and whoever McCain dictates.  Not sure about Bowyer but there is a lot of chaos around him.  People should have voted for Tom Morrissey.

So you solution is to call your fellow citizens every election and ask them to support John Mc Cain or Jeff Flake when you know that they will betray us.

Do you vote for them.

Anyone who calls themselves a conservative and votes for the likes of McCain or anyone just because there is a R after their name is complicit in the decline of the USA.  That Boehner today will resign as Speaker is a sign - we don't want liberal Rs that are no different from Ds.  We have an oligarchy with two names, not a real two party system.  Change it or we die as a country.  McConnell must be next to go.

if the choice is Mc Cain or Kirkpatrick who do you vote for. 

WHERE WAS THAT counterbalance yesterday when  .... 8 Republicans voted to fund planned parenthood with the Democrats???

There are so many Federally funded programs and clinics already who could cover the medical necessities of the poor ... just not through this cancer on our moral fiber called "planned parenthood".  If the poor want a "planned parenthood", they should keep their legs closed and the zipper shut !!!!  That is "a plan" to thwart unwanted pregnancy that they can't pay for themselves, but we MUST??  It is the coercion of Tyranny by the corporatists within the Cabal of Thieves.

Yesterday our President called for "mercy", the Pope calls for the BS of climate change initiatives, but where is the "mercy" for the unborn? Because this Pope couldn't bring up the word A B O R T I O N tells me just why many see him as "the last pope". 

They decided on Islam the is apparent.



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