We all know the promise from Trump on Obamacare was "REPEAL AND REPLACE."  It was never "Regurgitate and modify."  But that is what the current brand of Speaker Paul O'Ryno is pushing.  It's up to the Freedom Caucus' Rep. Mark Meadows and Rep. Jim Jordon to pull the plug on this scam.  Does Trump know this is a redux and does he have a plan?  One AFA member suggested he would let it go through in the House, fail in the Senate and then be able to point fingers at the Democrats for not getting on board with Repeal/Replace.  We know that Trump plays a different game than everyone else.

The Freedom Caucus is likely meeting with Trump at the time this was written. Let's hope so and that they get major changes made to this or the Freedom Caucus refuses to vote for it.  We hear anywhere from 40-50 Congressmen will not vote for the O'Rynocare version and that enough Senators won't either.

We hate this foot dragging but sometimes it's necessary to give them enough rope to hang themselves before they get kicked to the curb.  We will be watching!  And so will you.

Perhaps you get Grassfire emails.  If not, here is this morning's version:

Our LibertyNEWS staff just BUSTED House Speaker Paul Ryan for being dead-set against his own RINOcare/ObamaCare 2.0 bill back in 2010. (See the link to the full story below.) Now, Ryan is pushing the same bankrupt ObamaCare system he opposed when he was fighting the "Affordable" Care Act as Budget Committee chairman seven years ago.
Here's Ryan's doublespeak:

Ryan 2010: "[ObamaCare] does not control costs. This bill does not reduce deficits. Instead, this bill adds a new health care entitlement at a time when we have no idea how to pay for the entitlements we already have."
RyanCare in 2017 keeps ObamaCare's entitlement, the individual mandate and does not control costs!

Ryan 2010: "We don't think the government should be in control of all of this. We want people to be in control. And that, at the end of the day, is the big difference."
RyanCare in 2017 keeps government at the center of health care by expanding the entitlement and leaving ObamaCare's inflationary and industry-crushing insurance mandates in place!

Ryan 2010: "So what we simply want to do is start over, work on a clean-sheeted paper, move through these issues, step by step, and fix them, and bring down health care costs and not raise them."
Ryan in 2017 says we cannot fully repeal ObamaCare and "start over" with a "clean" repeal. Ryan is admitting defeat to Obama and trying to force us to accept it!
Ryan is pressing ahead with his floor vote TODAY and our reports indicate the back-room deals and arm-twisting are reaching epic proportions. They are trying everything from OPEN THREATS of opposition in the next election cycle to blatant pandering moves like the "Buffalo Buyout" to win votes.

This is outrageous! Speaker Ryan should do what he said in 2010 and START OVER with a CLEAN REPEAL of ObamaCare!

As my granny always said: shoulda , woulda, coulda just doesn't make the grade!  We have said and you have agreed that Government has no Constitutional 
authority to be in the health insurance business.  That is why the REPEAL part is critical.  Fling open the door to free market competition.  Put NECESSARY regulations on the insurance companies, such as creating pools so that pre-existing conditions can be included and managed properly.  Sell across state lines.  Create competition.  Just like all other kinds of insurance!  It worked for many years before Hillary and Obama came along and shifted insurance to government control!  

There is  no "care" in Obamacare and there's none in O'Rynocare, either!

Ryan Busted

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 It is not and has never been "Health Care" wether from the dark sanctum of insurance companies cooperating with Obama or Ryan. It is a scam to force participation in Insurance products at prices few can afford because it enshrines giving it "free" including the profits to millions of people who are not paying for it and "can't afford" to pay for insurance at all.

It is "fascist socialism" at a minimum or a variation of "Communist Fascism" if we believe the stories about who is covered and how this coverage comes about. Can everyone say "Public Private Partnership?".

This is not our first foray into the realm of Fascism but it is the most intrusive and obvious left turn our government and its "partners" have tried to foist on our unsuspecting and under educated citizens. Changing it to a "Republican" program and taking Obama's name from it will not make it better, it will still fail and this time people, Republicans, will think it was ok just because O'Ryan and a bunch of our brand of politicians put their stamp of approval on it.

It is time to stand up and reject all these "Fascist" plans to plunder the citizens and to make their socialist doctrine acceptable to in the USA. Just like Obama, Ryan's plan will fail and the answer will be "single payer", Government, and the Fascist Communist camel will own the tent no room for dissent, no way back to a free enterprise system or way of life.

B I N G O ............ So many of us see through this double-speak from these establishment RINO's as you. I applaud the deep look into this hypocrisy we all feel. This bill still allows illegals to get Medicare benefits just because they are here ... not citizens. 

NEWS FLASH: The Koch Brothers will give millions in campaign donations to those Republicans who vote against the replacement legislation that President Trump has backed. Get this bill right ... all of it ... no phase in's ... and no future question marks down the line. Why piecemeal this dinner for public consumption? Vote No, start over, and tell the insurance companies they won't get government "help" to lower premiums and deductibles, wash them out of that surfers' wave ... of government handouts!  

"And they will deceive every one his neighbor, and will not speak the truth: they have taught their tongue to speak lies, and weary themselves to commit iniquity".- Jeremiah 9:5.

The only good "healthcare" bill is the one that repeals Obamacare, ignores Ryancare, and returns health insurance to we the people. Stop forcing seniors onto medicare, taking the premium payment out of the social security checks that they were forced to pay into and STOP CALLING EITHER AN ENTITLEMENT.  Free market competition across state lines has worked for all GOOD products in every industry. It works for all other insurance, too.  Repeal health insurance and replace it by handing it over to insurance carriers. This will have to be phased in because ins. companies (who were not required to compete for years because of not being able to compete in any state they chose where people would buy it) need to ramp up. But a year would be enough. Competition and decent plans will satisfy both companies and customers.

Government involvement in anything that is called "health care" is a Ponzi scheme where the young pay for the older ones. The very same way that the National debt works ... the young pay off the debt. It always about the national debt with government spending. It is the addictive DRUG for congress to make themselves "feel" important with a "job security" obsession. The Republicans have never held a roll call vote on health care law since the party took control in 2011. Likewise for the Senate, even though they held the majority since 2015.

These Republicrats love big government, love the monoliths within government which gives them autocratic rule with power and profits for members of Congress. Who else can become a multimillionaire on $174k / year? When will the free-market unmask these scam artists? Wake Up Donald ... unless your one of them !!  

Just as Obama Executive Ordered Obamacare into existence, President Trump should Executive Order it out of existence.  Let the insurance companies and hospitals and drug companies sort it out and find their way.  I'm confident they'll survive.

President Trump is showing his thin skin ... that we are troubled by ... for now he is calling out The Freedom Caucus for being "conservative" & for not going along with Paul Ryan's healthcare snow job on us all.  He apparently doesn't recognize who voted for him by the droves. Democrats will NOT be your followers ... unless YOU give into their demands to retain Obama's legacy of healthcare theft and spending national debt.



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