Oh Snap – Iraq TV Confirming U.S. Airstrike in Baghdad Kills IRG Leader Qassim Solimani…

The inside story...  "Oh, man, this is huge!"

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Iraqi State TV tonight reporting that Qassim Soleimani, leader of Iran’s Quds Force, the elite unit of the Revolutionary Guards, was killed in US airstrike near Baghdad. For context this would be the equivalent of U.S. General Norman Schwarzkopf being killed during Dessert Storm.  This is a major escalation… buckle up!

Oh man, this is huge. Soleimani was a bad guy, a terrorist, and responsible for many U.S. deaths; but this could also mean we are about to go into a full-blown war with Iran. Also killed was Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, the deputy commander of Iran-backed militias known as the Popular Mobilization Forces and other members within a convoy.

Baghdad (AP) — Iraqi TV and three Iraqi officials said Friday that Gen. Qassim Soleimani, the head of Iran’s elite Quds Force, has been killed in an airstrike at Baghdad’s international airport.

The officials said the strike also killed Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, the deputy commander of Iran-backed militias known as the Popular Mobilization Forces.

Their deaths are a potential turning point in the Middle East and are expected to draw severe retaliation from Iran and the forces it backs in the Middle East against Israel and American interests. The PMF blamed the United States for an attack at Baghdad International Airport Friday.

A security official confirmed that seven people were killed in the attack on the airport, describing it as an airstrike. Earlier, Iraq’s Security Media Cell, which releases information regarding Iraqi security, said Katyusha rockets landed near the airport’s cargo hall, killing several people and setting two cars on fire. (link)

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As we wake up in America, we see the State Department is urging all Americans to vacate Iraq. Fears are Iranian military will cross into Iraq to take revenge on America by seeking out Americans.  Remember, it is reported that Iran still holds at least one American hostage.  The renegade leftist media calling the killing of Soleimani "an assassination."  Reporters who don't support American policy against terrorists (Soleimani has killed hundreds of Americans and others) should be shipped to Iran where they can propagandize at will.

Iranian Mullahs have cells in California, Arizona and New York. Those are the ones to be vigilant about.

As was stated by Teddy Roosevelt in 1900, "Speak softly and carry a big stick."

I find it strangely ironic that not too long ago, Iran and Iraq had a war where each had about 1 million people killed.   Now, Iraq is allowing Iran to work within its border, with in its government.  What the hell is wrong with these people.  Well, #1 ... they need Christ.

Kenneth Timmerman wrote a great expose "Dark Forces" in 2015 about Iran's complete involvement in the Benghazi Nightmare. Yes, it was an Iranian operation from start to finish. Do your homework, and the Truth you will find. the only reason this job was completed after so many years, is because of a smart man named Donald J.Trump. Yes Senator McCain, Trump is a war Hero, not you!

This has been a Religious War for centuries. Today, a majority of Shiite Muslims in Iran traditionally believe that the “12th Imam” (Islamic religious leader), born in 868 A.D., was placed by God into hiding (known as occultation) until the day of judgment. They welcome being martyrs and see a religious death as salvation. 

The Iran of today is professing the sycophants of Islamic propaganda who really believe this: Strains of Islam even hold a belief that Jesus will be the Mahdi who will return and proclaim Islam as the true religion. That is why they use the word "infidel" to all non-believers of Islamic Law ... and those in Islam who don't see it that way ... are killed as "apostates" to Islam. They want this fight with the Christian west.

It's vital to be vigilant in Arizona since MEK and McCain family are so close as of the 2008 election. MEK is a terrorist organization that has been active at the Arizona border and embedded within USA GOP as well as AZGOP. Look for protests, property destruction and other 1970s era False Flags as Dems have had a more active operative scene in Arizona since 2016 election (Red Shirt Ed protests were one example). Ducey is led by Cindy McCain - he owes her his corporate and political career. Cindy is under the influence of MEK. DO NOT be fooled by MEK operatives on the ground in Arizona.

Trump's California tie-in after killing the General align with his March 2018 firing Rex Tillerson and naming a woman to head CIA have been brilliant, smart moves to defeat the Mullahs who control California by Mexican Cartel proxi. There are Mexican Cartel proxi in Arizona House, specially the Tempi Representative. Make sure your cell phones have fully charged batteries and know how to quickly turn on Video Record. You're going to be on the front lines of this coming fight to Put America First since MEK has an established base of operations in Arizona.



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