As conservative activists, we do our best - all of us and you - to keep tabs on what our Congressional Delegate is doing about voting.  We expect the democrats to fail, and miserably, the Constitutional standard.  After all, it's only an old piece of paper. Right?

We were surprised, somewhat, at how our entire delegation voted on important, and sometimes, frivolous, bills.    The site that keeps a scorecard on that is Conservative Review.  We check it out from time to time out of curiosity.  After all, we know our conservatives vote with the Constitution 100% of the time.

Oops!  Not so fast.

In Arizona, ONLY Congressman Andy Biggs (R-CD5) has a 100% score.  Out of nine, only one really cares about the Constitution.  Remember when he was accused of cheating to get elected because the vote was so darn close and new counts seemed to go his way?  Well, we think, great that he prevailed.  Hopefully, it was an honest vote and tabulation but if it wasn't, we doubt Biggs himself had anything to do with any funny stuff IF there was any.

Here is how the rest of them voted:

Congressman Paul Gosar (R-CD4) has a pretty good showing at 96%.  He abstained on voting against sanctuary cities and the passageof Kate's Law. He also voted to subsedize airline tickets.  Why should taxpayers pay for someone to tavel on vacation?

David Schweikert should know better than to come in at a meager 84%.  This is why he's in a bit of trouble over there in CD5.

Debbie Lesko did even worse, coming in at alone 72%, a total failure and she thinks she deserves another term?  One of the worst votes she took was to allow dangerous criminals out on the street.  But there were plenty of other bad votes.

Then we get to Martha McSally who has a whopping 57% conservative votes.  Vote Daniel McCarthy!

Democrat Ann Kirkpatrick voted with the Constitution 4% of the time while Krystin  Sinema voted for the Constitution 0%.  A perfect record for foolishness and anti-Americanism!  

All other democrats ranked in the 20% range.

Based solely on these scores, Biggs and Gosar deserve another term.  Schweikert is seriously borderline and Lesko, well, isn't there a conservative candidate-in-waiting in that district that is usually very conservative?

Also playing to type, Raul Grijalva cast his 20% Constitutional votes from the nearest bar.  Supposedly, the whiskey made him do it since it would otherwise challenge Sinema's dismal record.

There you have it.  Happy voting.

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I so wish I still lived in Az. again!!! We would have at lest 3 more CONSERVATIVE VOTES once again!!!! I hate having to live in Vegas!!! Home of the corrupt!!! Too dem for me!!!

I have family & friends in rural Nevada. The current Comrade Governor union hack, etc. has proposed a State income tax, a mileage tax, & has declared he wants more gun control laws, again. Stand by for a re-call petition. It is in the works, but I will believe it when I see it.  I sometimes see Nevada as a precursor to what happens in AZ. Vegas/ Clark County dictate politics/policies to the rest of the state; Phoenix/Maricopa same/same. Did the people from the left coast & Northeast move to Lost Wages to escape high taxes, then vote for this chump? Maybe it's poetic justice,  except the people in the other 12 county's suffer, as usual.


You pose the definitive question, Glenn.  Will the disaffected Democrats move to Arizona and bring their leftist ideas and votes with them, thereby creating CA on a smaller scale right here?  Time will tell and maybe 2020 is the year we find out.  Many conservative politicos here are truly worried whether Trump can carry AZ.  Look what just happened in KY!  The R incumbent governor will lose to the democrat even though every other job went to Rs.

They're moving here from all over the nation not just Ca., so the thing to do is be certain when we support a GOP Candidate they really are what they say they are and not what so many have proven to be, and also when campaigning good idea to remind the new comers why they had to leave the High Tax Liberal States they did and implore them to not bring the same problem to us, nothing wrong with reminding people of their mistakes or for sure they'll repeat them. No as far a Kentucky goes the R was extremely unpopular to start with and also ran against the liberal rhetoric of DC.
God Bless You; Van 

no one said they were only coming from california, Clair.  The point is DEMOCRATS are coming here and before we know it, we will be CA only smaller.  I can't imagine that any dem is better than an unpleasant R.  I smell issues when every other race was won handily by the R.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, however going from place to place many coming here are also what many would consider RINO's who also vote Liberal and that's also a major problem, the loss in Kentucky was also caused by the Libertarian candidate as most of them don't vote for Dems but GOP that also took votes and he was more than 10 pts. behind before the President went to push him forward, considering all we didn't do badly and of course Virginia is made of Gov. Employees, and I was referring to the direct statement about be like Ca. as many are coming from there and many others are like minded whether from Wash., Ore. etc. 

First, the dems moving here from wherever will make us "like CA"  Second, I have customers in northern AZ and around Prescott and they are saying the ones settling there are in-land republicans so the dems are probably going to Tucson and Phx.  And third, you have the exact response to every post.  I think you should get off that tiresome soap box and open your eyes to real demographics.

Many in AZ have given up trying to unseat Incumbents as they have the $$$$$$$$$$$$ and GOP to plow the Political Road for them, and the scores are worse than posted as don't believe it accounts for all the good votes that were nothing more than Political Theater for say Lesko, Schweikert and of course McSally, and unfortunately Sinema is fooling many with her so called support of the Vets, AZ has had many GOP Liberals for yrs. but no one paid much attention to their Records and believe it or not at an LD meeting the other night the former Gov. who gave us a Higher Sales Tax, Common Core and Obama Care asked Mr. McCarthy how he planned to Pivot his Conservative Positions so he could attract the Moderate to Liberal Wing of the GOP, this is how they all think and as long as voters keep them AZ and the Nation won't truly be able to have a Full Recovery from Socialism.
God Bless You All; Clair Van Steenwyk

Yep, shame on us for continuing to buy this nonsense! Can someone decent in CD9 finally run? LD18 and CD9 are completely purple now due to the lack-luster candidates that continue to run against Democrats who are funded from California. We had Kirsten Sinema before and now former Mayor Greg Stanton as our Congressional Representatives in CD9 since they are highly funded and the Republican candidates don't have a chance against all of the $$$$'s from California. Deplorable! Let's also expose election cheating through PEVL and "Emergency voting centers" in Maricopa County. This has got to stop! Illegals voting!


In the opening paragraph of this message I read:  "We expect the democrats to fail, and miserably, the Constitutional standard.  After all, it's only an old piece of paper. Right?"

Though I agree with the statement let me remind those of you reading the article that it isn't only Democrats that have a disdain for the Constitution. On 12/5/05 GOP leaders told President GW Bush that his hardcore push to renew the more onerous provisions of the Patriot act could further alienate  conservatives G. W. Bush retorted: “I don’t give a goddamn…I’m the President and Commander-in-Chief. Do it my way.” “Mr. President,” an aide in the meeting said; “There is a valid case that the provisions in this law undermine the Constitution.” To this the President screamed back  “Stop throwing the Constitution in my face. It’s just a goddamned piece of paper!"

To accurately score an elected I suggest we should begin by examining their position on truly meaningful issues such as those that will determine if and when America will again be in a position to control its own destiny and thereby in a position to MAGA. Perhaps the most important of these issues is that of monetary policy. Under our present ungodly and unconstitutional policy it is a mathematical certainty that the few families that own the stock in the banks comprising the Federal Reserve System will eventually hold title to all real wealth of the choice, a mortgage on the remainder and a claim on all future production. With the exception of a very few, Americans are in bondage! As John Adams said "There are two ways to conquer and enslave a nation. One is by the sword. The other is by debt."  America has been enslaved and I know of no elected official willing to recognize the reason or act to correct it!

Wouldn't it be wise to use such issues in the criteria for scoring elected officials? If we were to do so, I can assure you every elected official would score a big ZERO.

While I disagree on principle, you make a valid point.  There are still a few Rs that adhere to the Constitution but I can't remember the last time I heard a single dem mention the constitution except to advance an unconstitutional process.  Biggs, after all, has 100% ranking and Gosar is very close.  So some do give a rip about the constitution. You can make the case that they must adhere all the time.  I would not argue that, either.  Bush was simply a bad example because he is such a good example of a lousy president/ politician/patriot along his even worse father & perhaps his brother, the whiner.  I put forth Gen Flynn as a constitutional patriot.  Republican.  Levin.  Republican.

All one has to do is to look back in the history of the Democratic Party which has enslaved us by debt. That is what the RINO's have done for us, the Democrats to us, and what the campaign against Trump is all about ... a Medicare-for-all debt, education for free, and open borders to vermin eating at the kitchen table of honest citizens, all leading to an economic enslavement of all.  We are the serfs and they are the landlords of our lives by a debt WITH INTEREST payable to the elite slave masters at the centralized statist collectivist FED.

And now they want to give NCAA athletes the ability to earn money ... and pay the taxes ... on not just scholarships but current and FUTURE earnings? Yep that's their plan behind the Curtain of Oz.



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