A lesson on how to waste $millions in taxpayer funds and two full years.

Oh, Another Omission? Carter Page Says The Mueller Report Only Tells Half The Story

It’s already bad enough that the FBI appears to have not even attempted to verify the Trump dossier. The document has clear errors in it. Inaccuracies that could easily have been caught with a simple Google search. On top of this, the State Department knew this document was biased political trash. The Clinton campaign and the Democrats, which hired Fusion GPS, who then tapped ex-MI6 spy Christopher Steele to compile the document, funded the effort. Steele told the State Department that the information in his possession had a shelf life. Yeah, it was called the 2016 election. The document is all part of the Russia-Trump collusion circus that dominated the news cycle for two years, peddled by liberal media figures and politicians alike, fanned the flames of the impeachment fire, and ended up punching everyone who dabbled in this myth right in the face. The report from Special Counsel Robert Mueller debunked the document, which was mostly unverified the entire time this collusion nonsense was being disseminated on a near-daily basis. The second layer to all of this is Carter Page, the former foreign policy adviser to the Trump campaign.

The Department of Justice inspector general is said to be readying a scorching report on the alleged FISA abuses. It’s expected to be released this summer. At the heart of the Trump-Russia collusion nonsense is Spygate and the FISA warrant secured to monitor Page based off this dossier. First, there’s the allegation that FBI, or the CIA, tried to infiltrate the Trump campaign based on this Russian collusion hysteria. The second part is the FBI citing this dossier as credible evidence to secure a spy warrant on Page. It was renewed three times through 2017. Political opposition research was cited to secure a spy warrant on the rival campaign from the sitting presidential administration of the opposing party during an election year. Yeah, one could argue that’s weaponizing the DOJ to go after your enemies. How much did Obama know? Also, welcome to this circus, State Department. 

The officials in the Obama administration knew that this was biased trash days prior to securing the FISA warrant is bad enough. Another odd angle is that this very intelligence community knew Carter Page because he worked with the CIA, the State Department, and the FBI…before he became a Russian traitor or something...

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Trump wants to reform the FBI, but I think it should just be disassembled and a totally new agency created.  In the process, discover which rogue agents constituted Bill & Hillary's Hit Squad and bring them to justice.

Politics says "this will never happen".  If it could, Hillary would have been arrested long ago...for treason.

He needs to FIRE Christopher Wray after all the slick maneuvering by Comey to make the FBI inferior to the Justice Department Attornney General. The FBI reports to the Attorney General and Wray still refuses to give the where-a-bouts of the Hillary server that was TAKEN by the FBI under Comey.

Furthermore, it is Wray who told the Senate Committee that HE DID NOT think that looking  into Trump was a "witch hunt"... which he still maintains. His FBI is a disgrace to the public for not going after Hillary and all the others, including Loretta Lynch, after her closed "plane meeting" with Billy Boy's slick teflon zipper.

If you want to restore creditability in the American justice system .... convict Demoncrats of obstruction of justice !!!

The dem operatives harmed this Republic. They all need to be hunted  down, cuffed and brought to justice. 



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