Strengthens Border and Entry Security

Border Security Trust Fund
$25 billion in border trust fund for the completion of a 10-year border security plan, including tactical infrastructure, detection technology, personnel, and port of entry improvement. Includes additional resources and security improvements for the Northern Border.

Additional Border Security Measures

    •   Requires DHS to achieve and maintain situational awareness (100% surveillance) and operational control (ability to interdict illegal traffic) of the Southern Border. Applies to current and future administrations.

    •   National Guard/Operation Phalanx/ SCAAP/Operation Stone Garden

    •   Additional CBP/ICE Agents/Officers and Other Law Enforcement Personnel

Border Security Authorities

    •   Ends Catch and Release.

    •   Increases penalties for human smuggling/makes it easier to remove smugglers.

    •   Enacts Kate’s Law to increase penalties for multiple illegal entries/unlawful border crossings.

    •   Provisions to stop fentanyl smuggling.

    •   Addresses the unaccompanied alien children humanitarian crisis by giving DHS and immigration courts the authority and resources to conduct expedited immigration court hearings for these children.

    •   Updates inadmissibility/removability grounds for drug traffickers, gang members, sex offenders, multiple DUI offenders, human traffickers, terrorists, and violent and dangerous felons.

    •   Deters Visa overstay with expedited removal, subject to 30 day grace period.

    •   Ends the release of thousands of dangerous criminal aliens every year (Zadvydas Fix).

    •   Permanently authorizes voluntary E-verify program.

    Reallocates Diversity Visa Lottery

    Reallocates the 55,000 visas in the Diversity Visa Lottery to reducing and eliminating the existing family- based and employment-based immigration backlogs

    Provides Permanent Solution for DACA recipients

    Estimated 1.8 million people. Earned path to citizenship.

    •   12 years. 2 years credit for currently enrolled DACA recipients.


    •   Obtained a high school diploma or equivalent (if over 18 years of age.)

    •   Arrived in the U.S. before 16, prior to June 15, 2012. Was under the age of 31 on June 15, 2012. Same standards used by the Obama Administration for DACA.

    •   Passes strict criminal background and good moral character checks.

    •   Signs a conditional departure order that may be enforced if they violate certain terms of their status.

    •   If 18 or older, pursue one or a combination of three tracks: (1) Serve in the Military; (2) Pursue a postsecondary or vocational degree; or (3) Maintain full time gainful employment.

    •   Conditional status revoked for criminal behavior or failure to meet eligibility criteria.

      Reforms Extended-family Chain Migration

•Reforms family-based immigration to place a greater emphasis on the nuclear family, limiting family-based immigrant visas to spouses and unmarried children under 18 years old.
•Grandfathers all immigrants who are waiting in line for a pending family-based petition.
•Allows parents of U.S. Citizens (approximately 150,000 per year) to receive non-immigrant visas to enter the United States for a renewable 5-year period. Visas do not provide a work authorization. •Family-based immigration reforms for other classes (siblings, adult children) would not take effect until clearance of existing backlogs giving Congress years to enact merit-based reforms.

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This is so full of loopholes, the RINO's and Demon-Rats would be stupid not to take the deal.  A very serious let down by Trump and Members of Congress who claim they want to fix the problem.  It is no different than the 1986 Amnesty and in many ways - worse.  WTH are we willing to do to end this political treason?

I was suspicious of this when I heard both parties were on board. We can't trust any of these people. I want to know where was the so-called Freedom Caucus on this. Very disappointed in Trump.   It still funds Planned Parenthood with tax dollars and allowing chain migration to continue "until the backlog " is empty is ridiculous.  I heard Trump say that the economy will improve to cover the costs but it's about more than the spending. We should not be enabling murder of the unborn. And that's just for starters when you let another 2+ million democrats into the country. Say goodbye to America. Soon English will be taught as a second language.

I just read an article that this budget deal stops funding for PBS and NPR.  Big whoop.  Good but not enough. How about BLM. AFT, Planned Parenthood, DoE, the Arts, blah blah.

I do not understand why we are paying for this wall every illegal from all over the world sends money home all we need to do is charge $5.00 fee on every 500.00 sent are received on all  foreign money transfer out or coming in to this country.  It will pay for all of our border security I've been trying to get our congressman to pass a law and now I found out that Rep. Mike Rogers of Alabama has put in a bill to do that.

Trent Franks was a co-sponsor on Rogers bill..  I will see Rep. Gosar this Saturday and ask him about it if I get a chance.  Would be LOVELY to have this pass and fulfill Trump's campaign promise to have Mexico pay for the wall.



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