The Supreme Court is forbidding President Donald Trump’s administration from adding a citizenship question to the 2020 census for now. The court says the Trump administration’s explanation for wanting to add the question was “more of a distraction” than an explanation.

It’s unclear whether the administration would have time to provide a fuller account. Census forms are supposed to be printed beginning next week.

The court ruled 5-4 on Thursday, with Chief Justice John Roberts joining the four liberals in the relevant part of the outcome.

A lower court found the administration violated federal law in the way it tried to add a question broadly asking about citizenship for the first time since 1950.

The Census Bureau’s own experts have predicted that millions of Hispanics and immigrants would go uncounted if the census asked everyone if he or she is an American citizen.

Source: MarketWatch

NOTE:  Well, seems Justice Roberts did it again.  By what measure can it be unconstitutional to refuse to be able to ask about citizenship?  They ask how many bathrooms you have in your house and other truly irrelevant questions.  But no meaningful questions may be asked.

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Judicial Politics with Roberts in charge and put there by Pres. G. Bush, similar to his decision on Obamacare, the Supreme Court kicked the can down the road, now all we can hope for is that President Trump can postpone the printing of the Census until they're forced to give a real decision, we must know how many Illegals are inside our borders and also if they don't fill out the form then some states will lose seats in the House and this would change the future elections even though not the one in 2020, so this is more than just a question of how many are here but also how many sit in the House Illegally placed there by the counting of Illegals as quite frankly don't believe since they're not We the People they have no real right to have representation in the House. God Bless You; Van 

Disappointing! The SCOTUS' talked from both sides of their mouth. Thomas' words hit the nail on the head. While it seemed that the justices were attempting to say they were not into playing partisan politics they failed on that count.

I listened to the clown show debate last night -- yep open borders -- decriminalizing invasion invaders. As a DHS assistant to the director under the O administration illegal crossing was akin to you and I getting a parking ticket.

If anyone had doubt of open borders or a march towards an NAU clue that is exactly what is being pushed down our throats. Victory for the dems in 2020 the reality is sooner than later for an NAU and worse setting on top of our gov't will be an NAU commission.

In 1832 President Andrew Jackson defied the SCOTUS in the case of Worcester v. Georgia. Trump should also defy the Court for if the executive branch refuses to enforce a court order or judgment the court is powerless to do anything about it and the legal citizens would stand behind him, except in California & New York.

It would be a bad (re-) precedence (can you imagine if a  future Socialist president were to do so?), but when the Men in Black clearly depart from their role of enforcing the Constitution, they deserve to be ignored.  You don't have to be a lawyer, much less a judge, to see how ridiculously creative many of their decisions have been.  Congress could reconstruct the federal judiciary, and should, but not when we have a Democrat House and a mostly RINO Senate.

Why do Republican justices often turn soft and become center-left, while I have never heard of a Progressive judge becoming center-right?  Are there powers we do not know about who influence these feckless people?

Roberts was always center left, just like President GW Bush who appointed him.

The Constitution, upon which the justices are supposed to rule, is neither left nor right nor center anything.  If they just kept their oath of office, left, right, center would never come into the decisions.  Of course, humans are what they are.

Sadly, only Conservatives are willing to uphold their vows to interpret the Constitution literally.  The Progressives only justify their end goals and come up with whatever creative verbiage they need to do so, and the Moderates waffle in between, being willing to look the other way to support a politically correct social goal at least half the time.  Kennedy was one of these, and now Roberts is.  The egos of these Men in Black to think they are equal to or smarter than our founders must be indeed massive to behold.  And only one who fancies himself as the all-important Swing Vote has a even bigger sense of history-making self worth.

"You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it's an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before" - Rahm Emanuel

"In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way" -  Franklin D. Roosevelt

It is head shaking that it seems the Justices do the left leaning around hot topic social issues and surprisingly on cases that have more to do in the corporation domain their rulings most often united decisions nothing of the stain of left vs right.

The power of the ego must be restrained by common sense and words of Truth ... Thou shalt not covet thy neighbors goods.  Hypocrisy abounds in government who has defrauded the citizenry by telling us that we are guided by inalienable thruths granted by government ... and not the unalienable truths granted by our creator as read in The Declaration of Independence.  

So I'm guessing that the Supreme Court doesn't think that knowing how many illegals are in the U.S. is as important as if a person is employed or not?  Or a person's level of education? 

"I  SAY", stick the da_n question on the census form and then let the Demons sue to try to take it off.  I thought the SC was an opinion maker, I didn't know it was a law maker.



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