It Should Lead To Congressional Leadership Censure…

Everyone is so caught up with their discussion of President Trump around the firing of FBI Director James Comey that they are completely overlooking the most explosive scandal in the history of congress.

This scandal, if exposed, should remove, or at least censure: Paul Ryan, Nancy Pelosi, Mitch McConnell, Chuck Schumer, Dianne Feinstein, Richard Burr, Devin Nunes, Adam Schiff and Mark Warner.

The absence of their accountability shows the depth of corruption within Washington DC.

First, understand their job – Each of the aforementioned was/is part of the congressional intelligence oversight called the “Gang of Eight“. The Go8 are exclusively responsible for overseeing all intelligence community activity as it relates to intelligence gathering and corresponding investigations.

In short these eight elected representatives are in charge of all oversight of all U.S. intelligence operations and investigations.  As elected representatives, they represent one of the most important checks within the system of government overseeing non-elected officials.

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This is the "heart of the establishment" in Deep State. They are the ones to whom we have entrusted our Republic, and they should be wearing not ties, skirts, or pant suits ... but bright ORANGE one-piece bags. Comey didn't do his "job" to make Congress aware of this "investigation" for 8 months ... then claims he didn't do it because of "the sensitivity of the matter" ????? Can't wait to hear the excuses of "bipartisanship" whores from our idiots McCain and Flake. We will find others who will make the citizens safety and security FIRST. I'm tired of the continual raping of the citizens right to know, this is censorship of the facts.

How much of this type of "hacking" was at the behest of the IRS, or the FBI looking into Conservative groups before the election?

One at a time.  Trump knows.  It's just not feasible to remove the entire Deep State all at once.  But one at a time, and as the economy gets better, and the wall starts getting built......    It's just a matter of time, just be patient.  Right now, I'm still basking in the moonlight with smile on my face reminiscing the Comey is gone.   Ahhhhhhh.  Where's that margarita? 

The real scandal is the unmasking that was going on in the FBI for months to the benefit of the Democrat party. Why is the Go8 not investigating the who, what, when, why and how of that mess??  

Most of these vermin have their own skeletons in the closets to be "unmasked" for public view. Democrats rarely resign over any of them, like Charles Rangel's tax evasion issues sanction by Congress ... when he was Chairman of the Tax Code writing committee. Republicans had better act like victors not appeasers to the Dimms.

I agree that this is a huge political scandal and probably the biggest with the most far reaching consequences.  To respond to Joanne, had they been interested in picking up on Stafanik's questioning, the only one who seems to get the scope of this, Comey's unmasking would have come out sooner and more clearly. Then someone in the media would have reported on that in a bigger way.  None of the Go8 have any interest in securing our country and I'd like to see all of the voted out. That can be done in 2018 for House members if only the voters in those districts would pay attention.  Then there is this: the methane scandal  I know a little about this because I spent a lot of time in west Texas with the flares burning off the methane. This is also a security question.  All 8 of those people should be recalled if voters did their jobs. IMHO



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