(For over 2 centuries the argument within schools, churches, and the State have been about the lines of separation of Church and the State, and it has been at the forefront of one of the many differences between America and other nations. The English have their Anglican church, the middle east and north African nations its Islam, and Christianity has Jesus Christ.
After reading an article about these differences, there is great concern as the tentacles of the State are pushing us toward one of an inclusion of joining with the State those “religious freedoms”. It is through the power of the purse, that purse being one which dictates to the citizenry what is allowed. The number 666 comes to mind, the mark of the beast … which is coming fast and furious … imposed by a New World Order government dictate … by a debit card heist!
The article I refer to is by Rev. Austin Miles, here is some of what he said.
     The Communist-George Soros Democrats running the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) have managed to bully churches into becoming partners with them by the creation of the 501c3 (Not-for-Profit) status. This action pushed churches to incorporate themselves as franchises of the United States in order to avoid taxes they never owed in the first place. Don’t forget that last sentence.

     According to an informative book; Things You Need to Know about Non-profits-Making Sense of Non-Profit Status, by Carleton C. Booker, a ministry and a church are automatically tax exempt. Indeed, this was established from the very beginning of the U.S. since churches with their charitable work took a heavy burden away from the government by providing services so needed by so many.

     The church was totally separate from the government. When a couple was to be married, that was strictly a function of the Church that counseled the couples, performed the marriage ceremonies and issued the official marriage certificate which was recognized as a legal instrument. When a couple decided to get married, they would first look for a preacher.

Then, in an incredible paradox, the government suddenly declared that in order to get married, the couple first were required to obtain (by paying a fee) a “marriage license” from a government office, making the government a partner to the marriage. This became a forced partnership between government and church. Without the government license, the public was informed, the marriage would be null and void.

And it is to be noted that since the time the government intruded into the church function of marriage, the words, Bride and Groom on the license have been changed to; Party one and Party Two. Anything the government gets their hands on becomes an aberration, even a church function.

     Strangely enough, this was during the time that the government declared that there is a distinct command demanding Separation of Church and State, a faulty ‘command’ that came as the result of a letter Thomas Jefferson sent to the Danbury Baptist Association showing that the government would not favor one church over the other. It had absolutely nothing to do with taking God out of public places.

     In typical fashion, the feds jumped on that, perverted it, and made it law that in no way, can the church be associated with government, meaning no more prayers to Jesus in public places, demanding an end to saying, Merry Christmas, and dictating what can and cannot be preached from the pulpits. The government also ordered that military chaplains cannot even pray in the name of Jesus. This all was locked in place by the misuse of the letter Thomas Jefferson wrote to the Baptists.

Then the government jumped in to say that it’s OK to teach sexual deviance targeting children in their public rooms, but not OK to teach about Jesus and morals or to study the Bible in those public rooms. This means that it is OK to teach sexual deviance targeting children in their public rooms, but not OK to teach about Jesus and morals or to study the Bible in those public rooms. It was the North America Man Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) a pedophile homosexual organization that want to make it legal to sexualize little boys applied the same time I did and within two weeks they had their 501c3 tax exemption recognition. Not only that, they were and are allowed to use the public library event rooms for meetings even though no Christian organizations are allowed to hold meeting in those same public rooms.

To reiterate; if you have a ministry and a church you are automatically tax exempt. Is this why a smaller Church joins up with other larger Churches, for a “new” so-called tax exempt status of inclusion with government dictates attached? 

With our new President Donald Trump, no doubt the IRS will be cleaned up eventually … but when will that happen … as we are forced to throw our labored cash into the swamp for these alligators to eat up. It’s time to “man up” Mr. Trump and clean out the IRS head and his followers. They have no business intruding themselves into church work of goodness toward others …. for they are not “goodness”.

"Government, even in its best state, is but a necessary evil; in its worst state, an intolerable one". - Thomas Paine.

Source: http://canadafreepress.com/article/book-exposes-irs-501c3-church-scam?utm_source=CFP+Mailout&utm_campaign=4201131e5d-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2017_04_17&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_d8f503f036-4201131e5d-297724809  

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The marriage license was originally a slave document or one used if a citizen wanted to marry outside his/her race or into  a foreign family. It was necessary to obtain a license because to marry in these circumstances was unlawful and in some cases illegal. Remember in those days this kind of law breaking would land a person in prison, in most states, for a long time if attempted without a license. The old legal dictionaries cover this but they should be about  80 years old to get the original meaning of the terms.

     I have pondered for years about how giving to churches would be affected if the government removed the tax exempt status for churches.  True believers would continue to use their money to promote God's work and the needy. I would guess those who give to get a taxable benefit only would drop out of the loop.

     It would be interesting to know how property was divided between spouses prior to marriage licenses. Did women have any legal rights to property accumulated during the years of marriage? Anyone have an answer?

Here's a link to the 'legal status of women' in the late 18th into the 19th centuries.  Also in the 1880's England passed an act to allow women to posses property.

Legal status of women 1776 - 1830

In the US, I think Connecticut or some other NE state passed a law in 1809 that allowed women to write wills.  Mostly they were sol, as they really are today.

Here is a link to 'quotes' from our founding fathers based on this subject. Considering Jefferson's religious beliefs I don't think his statements are much of a surprise.

Church & State

You can always read the federalist papers where this is brought up by the anti-federalists... :)

Where the confusion starts is with the accountant recommendation that the Church incorporate. That incorporation will then result in being subject to tax. Without it the Church is automatically exempt as is said above. Once incorporated the hand is firmly on the throat and without a 501c3 or some other tax exempt finding by IRS they are stuck and must abide by the rules set out in the code and bylaws they submit to.

So it's back to money ?

It is never just money. It is control. The money and property rights associated with all property the church, and everyone else, obtains are the subject of that control. Hands on the throat. The Tax Code came about as a result of the Income Tax which resulted from the Federal Reserve Act which allowed our government to write checks (borrow money) into existence from the Federal Reserve Bank. Just like with the issue of "Gun Control" it is the control not the gun that is the operative word. That Federal Reserve note is a means of control on what we use as money. They call the shots, set interest rates, and tighten or loosen credit as they see fit to benefit themselves.  CONTROL!!!

That appears to be the "ends justifies the means" of a Marxist tyranny ... that the IRS loves.

The IRS head should be fired IMMEDIATLY ... why does Trump wait on that?  



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