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A Senate defeat shows the cost of eroding Trump approval.

Republicans in Congress have repealed 13 Obama Administration regulations thanks to a potent tool known as the Congressional Review Act. But last week the Senate failed to kill a costly energy rule, and the defeat is a warning about the Trump Administration’s ebbing political capital.

The Bureau of Land Management’s $1.8 billion rule is ostensibly about reducing methane on federal lands, not that the government needed to intervene: Methane emissions from venting and flaring have dropped 77% since 2011, while oil and gas exploration has boomed. BLM has no legal authority to issue the rule, one reason the rejection passed the House with relative ease.

But a procedural motion on Wednesday failed on the Senate floor, where the bill would have never arrived unless GOP leaders thought they had the votes. Three Republicans voted no: Susan Collins of Maine, Lindsey Graham of South Carolina and John McCain of Arizona.

Ms. Collins is a moderate from a swing state, and the climate-change lobby worked on Mr. Graham. Some sources say Mr. McCain was a surprise defector and voted no to register his unhappiness that Senate leaders stuck a waiver for U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer into the recent spending bill. The waiver overruled a ban on someone who has represented foreign governments serving as trade rep. Mr. McCain’s office called such allegations “ridiculous” and said he wants BLM to revise the regulation instead. A congressional review action prohibits an agency from issuing “similar” rules.

All 48 Democrats voted no, and apparently maintaining a 100% rating on the Trump Resistance Scorecard is more important than serving your constituents. North Dakota’s Heidi Heitkamp felt liberated to endorse a rule that will substantially raise costs for energy producers in her state. Great fodder for 2018 ads against Ms. Heitkamp and other energy-state Democrats like Joe Manchin of West Virginia. 

Source: WSJ.com

[Editor: Why is this important to the lives our Americans? Read on! And then write a letter to McCain for voting against the people. Why did he do that? As revenge against Trump for appointing Ryan Zinke, Secretary of the Interior (earned a BS degree in geology. He also has an MBA and an MS in global leadership. He was a US Navy SEAL, from 1986 until 2008 and retired with the rank of commander. What is McCain's beef with Zinke? It's rumored that he, as the first Navy Seal to become a U.S. Representative, is a threat to McCain {smarter, younger, nice) and McCain doesn't like what he is doing with the tribal lands in Montana, like letting the tribes make their own decisions about their resources).]

Bakken Crude Is Highly Volatile, Oil Study Shows  [LINK here]

Editor:  The short answer to how dangerous McCain's vengeful vote is that when oil comes out of the ground, it contains methane. Methane is highly explosive and must be separated before safely shipping the oil to refineries.  That is done by venting (separating) and flaring (burning it off at the well). Failure to do this has resulted in massive transportation explosions before the oil gets to the refinery.  These explosions are often called Bomb Trains and not often reported as to the cause.  These explosions cause death when they happen in towns where residents live near train lines; often contaminate water resources for these towns and spews dangerous particulates into the air.  Not to mention the destruction of private property!  Many of these explosions go unreported because it is too dangerous for Americans to know about.

Ever wonder why Warren Buffett was so against the Keystone Pipeline?  Because most oil is transported across land in trains on railroads owned by Buffett.  It's a cash cow for him! It was just a personal economic position on his part without regard to the danger.  Hundreds of minor pipelines run all across America with separated oil being moved to refineries or larger pipelines.  There is really not real reason to transport oil by train.... except for the influence of Buffett.  With the onset of fracking shale, trains carrying volatile oil has risen 4100% since 2008 according to Our Glass Earth.

McCain puts American lives at risk by allowing volatile oil to be transported by train through populated areas.  In Canada, one explosion cost 47 lives, one of the most costly in terms of deaths.  We know McCain to be a mean-spirited, vengeful individual and now we know that he's willing to put American's lives and health on the line in order to take down President Trump.

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I wonder how many who read this will fully understand the gravity of this problem.  Of course, this is why the Keystone pipeline was never built under Obama who wanted to affect in a negative way our economy and to help Buffett who funded much of his campaign and Hillary's.  Rotten McNasty really has put people in danger with his revenge vote.  Can someone please recall that old fart or otherwise get him to the Home?

This is a huge safety issue!!!!!!! Crude oil can have explosive entrapped gases are very dangerous to transport especially by rail or truck tankers.

The Republicans were trying to repeal a OBOMA "Global Warming Rule" that prohibited flaring of methane and other dangerous gasses from oil produced on Federally controlled lands. Dangerous crude oil is normally de-gassed before it is shipped by separating those gasses and "flaring them" ie burning it very close to where they come out of the ground. 

Once again AZ's SENIOR Senator backstabbed his declared party by voting with the DEMONcrats..  This vote defeated the repeal of a FEDERAL RULE directly endangers the general public. There have been numerous explosions of oil being transported with the dangerous gasses because of OBOMAS decree.

Senators Susan Collins, Lindsey Graham voted against, as well as AZ's spiteful, petty SENIOR Senator. Our SENIOR Senator went from a declared yes to a NO, with out telling anyone, this betrayal insured defeat of the repeal of "NO FLARING decree" ; that vote switch lets human lives continue to be endangered. This is not a first!!

If this was transporting Budweiser beer I'm sure he'd think differently ... after a 6 pack of course. The old codger has to go and retire to Sedona where he can meditate on his past hypocrisy.



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