On Friday, President Trump will be presented with a never-read budget bill. As of 9:00pm DC time today, it is not even finished being written. This is Wednesday. Thursday, many of those in Congress will be flying to funerals. Dems will be going to John Dingell's and Republicans will be going to North Carolina for Walter Jones' funeral. Dingell served in Congress for 59 years. Doesn't that just smack of the need for term limits? He retired in 2015 and was 89 when re retired.

Jones served for nearly 25 years and his father had the seat before him. By all accounts, Jones was a true patriot despite having been elected originally as a democrat but we question why dynasties crop up so often in Congress.

So here we are, two days from shutdown again, both parties are leaving town for one of those days. When, exactly, do they plan to read the bill?  Or are they just going to pull an Obama and vote on it to know what is in it? Democrats orchestrated this timing by refusing to meet on the budget in the past couple of weeks, waiting until today to meet up with the Republicans. They need Republican votes to get this through and we have no doubt that Republicans will gladly vote for it. Word is they are scared their voters will vote them out in 2020 if they allow another shutdown. Call us crazy, but we think they will be much more annoyed if they put a piece of trash bill in motion.

Earlier this week, it was reported that President Trump would sign the bill. Today, not so much. He knows he's being backed into a corner. Remember those famous words from last year, “Don't ever put a bill like this in front of me.” Or words to that effect. Now it's nut cutting time. What will the President do? He can veto the bill and the gov will shutdown, not that most of the country even noticed. He can sign the bill and risk the wrath of his base. Or, he can sign the bill and immediately call for a state of emergency to fund the entire wall. Or he can veto the bill, leave the gov open by immediately calling for a national emergency.

Friday looms. This is a “garbage bill” according to Congressman Sean Duffy, Wisconsin. The dems and GOP are desperately trying to box Trump into signing. McConnell teamed up with his evil twin, Schumer, to say it's a wonderful compromise bill and Trump should sign it. Trump always has a plan B.

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 RINOS  Paul Ryan and McConnell  worked against our President. They promised him the money would come . I thought and also  heard on various talk shows that our President continues to get bad advice.  The Democrats do not want the wall because they want votes. The Republicans do not want it because they want cheap labor.  Neither party cares about the American people or the illegals  being murdered, raped or robbed. They live in their mansions with walls, and bodyguards.   The Republicans who were sent to negotiate the money for the wall obviously were outsmarted by the Democrats.  Who would have thought about negotiating the number of beds ???     Perhaps former Governor Chris Christie was correct. If he was chosen as the VP or AG,    Mueller would not have happened.   It is President Trump who is the face of the Republican party.  Without him, the party serves no purpose. 

Thumbs UP!

Absolutely ANY so called representative of the people who votes  for ANY bill they have not read and understand, should with no doubt whatsoever, be summarily fired.  No questions asked, just fired.  Period!

No idea what decision the President will choose, he has been put between a rock and a hard place and yes in that spot due to RINO's.

The extended wall will be built and existing wall brought up to snuff.

My recommendation keep doing what is necessary and call for a national emergency for that is real and you would be on solid constitutional ground.

I heard today, that some Republicans are urging a 1 or 2 week extension on the budget so the Govt does not shut down, gives more time to read the bill. 

This is the game they play every time.  Just like their "down payment on the wall" crap, they will again drag their cro-magnon-man feet until the last minute. Trump needs to get rid of Kushner. The democrat comes out in him and that is one who is giving terrible advice.  Kiss him on both cheeks and send him back to NY

I have not read anything about Jared Kushner working against his father on the wall. 

Research. Research.  Father-in-law, not father. Biiiigggg difference

 Not much  research involved , it is not so Biiiiggg !!!!!  He and the President are so close , I mistakenly said father. So, now backup your position that Jared has influenced the President about the wall. No need for the attitude.

Oh good heavens.  I didn't have an attitude but you seem to.  Biiiiggg difference means simply there is a biiiiggg difference between a blood relative and a total stranger, dna-wise.  And if you want to know about Kushner, you will have to do your own research.  It's pretty common knowledge that Trump gets bad advice from Kushner, the committed democrat.  I never heard or read that he and Kushner are "so close"  So, back up your position.  Please.

Nor have I Myrna.

Get rid of Kushner call, do you'all actually think that solves a thing? I do not. 

Too simple to dismiss Kushner as  'well he is a democrat' I think sorta saying the President runs on Kushner high octane fuel, I do not buy that. 

I believe the President has shown courage be it in trying to fight the swamps, promote conservative policy, fight for those things of Americanism, fight against the chaos dished everyday from the lefty loons and yes pushing back against the party swamp 'dem R's' who want to see him replaced and much much more. Problem Kushner I do not think so.

I am PRAYING that Trump doesn't sign the bill.  I hope he shuts it down again ........... either that or disbands Congress.  BOTH Parties are working together against him.  Mitch McConnell is not much better than Nancy Pelosi.  They've both sold out to a One World Government with the U.S. under its authority.  MITCH  AND NANCY BOTH HAVE TO GO. 

Next thing we'll hear is both Parties working to replace President Trump in the 2020 election.  Mark my words.



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