The presenter makes the following "three very serious accusations against AOC":

1) AOC did not actually run for Congress (she was run by others).

2) AOC is a "Puppet Congressperson."

3) The people controlling her are very dangerous.

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So...….. another Soros funded group.... and the solution is...……….

I watched the video last night. Agree the 3 points are true and worthy of being referred to a "puppet comgresswoman". This applies as well to Omar and Talib.

Bottom line, in my opinion is that AOC is an airhead. I suppose that makes for a good choice for a puppet.

No doubt she is acting, and pretty stupid at that. What is wrong with the people who voted for her? If they really did

Both Parties Interview Candidates with asking those who run to fill complete survey questions, and if you don't answer the way they'd like you to you can Count on Not Getting any $$$$$$$$$$ to run, this is for Federal, State, and Local offices as we've experienced here in AZ. It shouldn't surprise anyone that the Dark Money runs the Country and has now for Decades in part due to the Lack of Interest by most voters and even the Lack of Knowledge by even most of the Activists who don't run for office. The remedy to this hasn't changed if those who call themselves Conservatives and speak out at meetings etc. then they need to start Donating the $$$$$$$$$$$$ needed for like minded Candidates to run and win, as without the $$$$$$$$$$$ they can't defeat Career Politicians and those who support them, which are mostly Liberal to Socialists on both sides of the Aisle.
Our Political system is basically Political Theater, and we're losing Our Freedoms by not Fighting against it with the only weapon we truly have $$$$$$$$$$$$$, if you doubt it then ask yourselves why Our Border is still Open when the GOP had the Majorities in both Houses & the White House with Bush and did nothing, gosh the Leadership of McConnell & Ryan, who are they Loyal to? We had no problem fighting on 2 Fronts in the Middle East but won't Build Our Own WALL, and they Voted 4 It. 
What is Wrong with the People who Vote 4 GOP Career Politicians at any level, while knowing they've been Lied to for Years? 
God Bless You; Clair Van Steenwyk 

The problem is very clear to me. Republicans who are electable which includes a lot of criteria don't run very often and if they do, they don't get the funding to win.  republicans don't part with their money for such mundane things like taking control of our government at all levels.

In AZ the one thing that makes those in office electable is the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ provided them to reach the voters as most voters don't even really know anything about any of them other than the Mailers they get and more than 90% of them never do any homework to see if the info is correct, but you're right the Choir won't part with the $$$$$$$$$$ and the voters just vote as they've told us over and over again, and then they all vote 4 the Better of Two Evils, and yes they are Evil.
God Bless You; Clair Van Steenwyk

I just pushed the Like button.

The solution is to quit cooperating and rise up against the parts of the federal government that are actually running the show. The CIA is running our foreign policies by financing the terrorists. The CIA is also running national policy but its takeover of the Main Stream media. That be operation Mockingbird. see the picture below.



My reading of history convinces me that most bad government results from too much government.
Thomas Jefferson



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