VIDEO: "The Plan to Save The World"

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This video is a great expose' on the evil plan, but it does not expose the methods being used to control, divide and conquer America. The real elephant in the room is Obama's "Massive Transfer of Wealth" aka Government programs fraud aka The Matrix. Money from a pyramid scheme, that everyone knows about, but nobody wants to talk about, due entirely to the massive amount of guilt! It is guilt that is creating the hatred of anyone that is actively opposed to Making America Great Again. It is time we all fess up and put an end to this phony revolution of so-called resistance. Get real!

OK, I think I do get it.  I suspected for months that Trump knows just what is going to happen before it happens. If this video is to be believed, that seems evident now.  His tweets are likely written well  in advance and posted at the right time. Genius. Of course there is a possibility that I have lost my mind but this now seems to be the plan under which Trump will do what we all have hoped for: #MAGA

It all fits

Thank You AFA Members and Friends, Great Video for all People to see. A great learning tool for the Next Generation. God Bless. John





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