Not all votes in Washington DC are formal gatherings in the halls of Congress to call for a formal vote/declaration.  

The lack of a vote to impeach in the House is one example.  Our banana Republic House is moving forward against every known policy in order  to bring America to her knees.

Just because there has been no formal vote in the Senate to decide what Senators think of President Trump's decision to withdraw our troops from Syria doesn't mean Republicans... and, of course, Democrats... feel compelled to come to an official position.  Once again, they just go against the President of the United States on the decison on Syria.  What do they know or care about this?  Money to be made in conflict in Turkey, in a war.  Money is made on every war.

STOP believing we have a two-party system.  We don't.  We have one party with two caucuses.  They rarely disagree.  One caucus wears a black hat, the other a dark gray one.  Hard to distinguish between them most of the time.

As usual, uber-hawk Sen. McSally has come out against Pres. Trump on his decision to withdraw troops from the northern Syrian Kurd-occupied land.  Don't ever vote for her!  She is not for America!  Not so long ago, these same people were calling Trump a war-hawk with a curl of the lip in disdain.  "Trump is going to get us into wars around the world," they screamed.  Now, the worm has turned as it always seems to do against Trump.

The question is, if American citizens actually knew exactly what is going on in that part of the world and the mayhem to come, would they want their sons and daughters to fight for a part of the world that has been at war with each other for centuries?  We challenge you to expain to us what has ever made a difference in back-water countries like Syria and Turkey regarding intra-region conflicts?  What country has ever made a difference in Afghanistan?  Pakistan?  Syria?  Libya?  Iraq? 

One despot has been replaced by another.  Low-life governments know no peace and never have for centuries because peace might mean fair treatement of their citizens.  They have boundaries of their countries so the world can distinguish which country is fighting another country based on jurisdiction and geography.  And not let's forget what is under the land of the Kurds.  Massive oil fields!  It's never about freedom.  That is a foreign concept for these back-water hell-holes.  It's about power and geography.  It's always about currency.

It will ever be so.

President Trump, go ahead and abandon these countries that are more interested in maintaining abject misery and control over it's citizens and less interested in quality of life.  You have our support and blessings.

These are the people who need migration to western countries!  These are the people who deserve legal asylum in Europe.   

On last Thursday night in Minnesota, a reported 100,000 patriots trying to get into your rally were behind you.  Imagine how that translates across America!

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Thanks for the comment and hope others begin to realize this is really about the Future and has been building for Decades with Elected, Appointed, PACS, Lobbyists, Gov. Employees and of course the Press, we're the last Generation I do believe that has to take a Stand as those behind us have been Re Educated by the Socialist Public School System and if we can win in 2020 then we'll have 4 more yrs. to fix it and hopefully shall we say Educate and Re Educate those coming up to Protect & Defend our Republic, but as I stated must all Speak Out Now no matter who doesn't like or agree, after all we'll be joining Millions of Others who've gone before us.
God Bless You; Clair Van Steenwyk

AFA, Right on. I stand with my President's decision. It is time to primary McSally. Money to be had is at the core of endless war in Islamic world. Take into consideration that removing active USA military personnel may not account for those in the contract category who work for private companies that make their bottomline from investments in war torn regions.

Let the Islamic nations duke it out between themselves. I for one am sick and tired of America being suckered in time and again. Let the EU countries do what they must to invest in their own protection.

Trump was right on as well to recognize that our involvement has turned into police like actions. I have for a lengthy time felt that a wwIII type event is looming. Time to do all to make America safe and strong again and didn't our President say that? We have a good President with great instincts.



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