A few days ago, Nancy Pelosi was being interviewed on CNN by the infamous Candy Crowley (she's the Moderator that gave cliff notes to Obama in the debate against Romney),  She asked Pelosi, with a stern look on her face, why they couldn't cut some expenses out of government so the debt ceiling didn't have to be raised so high.  Pelosi gave her typical wide-eyed hands flailing answer: there just is not place left to cut!

Let's take a look at that:

1.  Today, Obama pledged $440 million to bail out Detroit.  Detroit has been under Democrat control for at least 4 decades.  And now they are in the bankruptcy they deserve.  You, Mr. and Mrs. Taxpayer, will be bailing that out.

2.  Obama gave the IRS $100,000,000 to implement Obamacare.  $67,000,000 is missing and unaccounted for.  No one knows where it is and no one claims responsibility.  Perhaps it was Lois Lerner's separation package?  And let's remember that the CBO has said Obamacare will ultimately cost taxpayers over a $trillion.

3.  The government owns countless empty buildings in Washington, DC.  Just sitting unused, being heated and air conditioned.  The estimate is that $1.7 billion is spent annually on maintanence on these buildings

4.  Funding for Planned Parenthood, NPR, National Endowment for the Arts and other left wing groups.

5.  The government is bound by law to return lands being held in western states.  They have been buying more and plan to spend a total of $2.3Billion to buy more and currently spends $5Billion on the poor maintanance of these lands that results in forest fires, on which they have to spend $Billions more to fight those fires. 

6.  Rep. Tom Coburn (R-OK) is a leading budget hawk who identified programs to fund a space ship to another solar system, funds for advancements in beef jerky from France, and $6 billion for research to find out what lessons about democracy and decision-making can be learned—from fish!

7.  For reasons that defy sanity, the prevailing condition in the Administration, various elements of the government have spent $3 million for research on video games; $2.6 million to train Chinese prostitutes to drink responsibly; a whopping $500 million on a program that would, among other things, try to figure out why five-year-olds “can’t sit still” in a kindergarten classroom; and grants such as $1.8 million on a “museum of neon signs” in Las Vegas, Nevada.

8.  And let's not forget all those Obama-phones ($9mil annually), food stamps for people making up to $97,000 depending on how many mouths that family is feeding, $trillions in foreign aid to countries like Egypt.  Not the least of which - you know how expensive it is for EPA to travel the country closing down businesses that "hurt the climate."

And on it goes.  Someone should tell Pelosi and Candy Crowley!!

We no longer live in the greatest nation on earth.  We live in Obama's Bail-out Nation. 

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tongue in cheek.  and yes we must...whatever would the FREE STUFFERS do without their phones, free health care, free housing, free food...might cut into the 'bling' budget or make them actually work....(novel idea)

Don't forget the millions & billions given to Brazil so they could drill for oil off their shores, the money given to solar companies that all went south with our money, the killing of the clean coal industry and loss of tax money from there and all the rest of the squandering of taxpayer money.  Pelosi has had so many face lifts, I think her brain has atrophied from all the drugs.

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