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Goodlatte's Immigration Reform Bill - full version

Started by Arizona Freedom Alliance Feb 17. 0 Replies

We've been waiting for the Bill from Goodlatte about which we have been hearing from the talking heards.Short Title:   ‘‘Securing America’s Future Act of 2018’To amend the immigration laws and the homeland security laws, and forother…Continue

Tags: border, chain, patrol, Wall, e-verify

Secure and Succeed Act of 2018 - Being Debated in Senate Now

Started by Arizona Freedom Alliance. Last reply by Nan M Nicoll PC Mohave Mesa 02 Feb 14. 5 Replies

Strengthens Border and Entry SecurityBorder Security Trust Fund  $25 billion in border trust fund for the completion of a 10-year border security plan, including tactical infrastructure, detection technology, personnel, and port of entry…Continue

Tags: DACA, Visa, Lottery, Diversity, Million


Started by Arizona Freedom Alliance. Last reply by Ernest Mc Collum Feb 14. 1 Reply

[Editor:  a little something to make you smile today.]A Republican lawmaker has just sent House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi a message that she is sure to hate — and one that could threaten her hold on the Democratic Party.Indiana Rep. Todd Rokita,…Continue

Tags: legislation, bill, CRUMBS, free, tax

Sheriff Mack calls on Steve Montenegro to “Quit Lying”

Started by Arizona Freedom Alliance. Last reply by Itasca Small Feb 14. 25 Replies

He was Primary Sponsor of National Popular Vote but now claims to not know what it is [Editor: We believe Montenegro - he was told to sponsor that really horrible bill because his controller, CQ, told him too.  He never read it, never did any…Continue

Tags: endorsement, Caucus, Liberty, Republican

Why FISA-gate Is Scarier Than Watergate

Started by Arizona Freedom Alliance. Last reply by Eric Barnes Feb 12. 7 Replies

By Victor Davis Hanson February 08, 2018The Watergate scandal of 1972-74 was uncovered largely because of outraged Democratic politicians and a bulldog media. They both…Continue

Tags: CIA, Watergate, Obama, Carter, Page

Mark Levine Exposes them all on Hannity

Started by Arizona Freedom Alliance. Last reply by Cyn Feb 8. 3 Replies

In this video, Mark Levine, who was a never-Trumper and supported Ted Cruz, expose all in this report regarding the activities of the FBI, the Obama White House and everyone involved with trying to buy the election for Hillary Clinton.Continue

Tags: Hillary, exposes, Hannity, house, white

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Comment by jfreden on January 25, 2012 at 9:03pm

we MUST MUST beat BO.  No 'mo B.O.

Comment by Lynne Breyer on January 25, 2012 at 8:52pm

Let's run the numbers of the President's State of the Union address from last night strictly on word usage:

Fair (8 times), Common (4), Responsibility (6), Share (8), Government (8), Tax (34).

As compared with:

Freedom (1), Liberty (1), Enterprise (0), Free Market (2), Capitalism (0)

Enough said!  From Grassfire

Comment by jfreden on January 18, 2012 at 12:48pm

Oh yeah and McCain is a co-sponsor on Gov.Track as are a number of other RINOs.

Comment by jfreden on January 18, 2012 at 12:48pm

I called Kyl and McCain here in Arizona (can never get through in DC). also Flake (opposes); Gosar (opposes); Schweikert, Quayle and Franks (no comment by staff) this morning.  Keep calling.  Note if you use "google" that they've blocked out their logo in protest and are asking that you sign their petition to KEEP THE INTERNET OPEN & FREE of government regulation.  I signed.

Comment by Lynne Breyer on January 18, 2012 at 11:35am


THIS IS NOT A DRILL. This email comes from several people whom are extremely knowledgeable attorneys and paralegals!

U.S. Senate Bill # S.968 internet takeover bill Inbox

The final U. S. Senate vote on the internet takeover bill is set for January 24th.  As of right now, that bill, which gives U. S. Attorney  General Eric Holder the power of an "Internet Czar,” WILL PASS.  Please send faxes to every Member of the U.S. Senate, and demand that they filibuster S. 968, the Senate version of the internet takeover bill.

Unfortunately, the American people are not paying attention to this catastrophe that is unfolding in the U. S. Senate. We only have a few days to stop this unconstitutional power grab. We must bombard the  Senate with faxes, RIGHT NOW!

This bill will give corrupt U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder the power to blacklist or shut down any website or forum that is merely accused of being linked to "online piracy”.

He will even have the authority to "sanitize” the results of internet searches on Google or Yahoo, so that only government-approved websites and information can be found online.

If this bill passes, Barack Hussein Obama will have to the ability to ban the campaign websites of his opponents, shut down the online activities of anti-Obama groups like USJF, and harass tea party forums and any other websites that don't support him.

Please fax the U. S. Senate now.  This bill WILL PASS unless the American people overwhelm the Senate with faxes!
The FINAL U. S.. Senate vote is scheduled for January 24th.  We don't have much time!

If this bill passes, the Obama Administration won't need a court order.  There will be no hearings or trials.

Barack Hussein Obama, Jr., will seize incredible control over the internet, and we will be nearly powerless to stop him.

Although supporters of the bill say that it is designed to prevent online piracy, this is an internet takeover bill, pure and simple. Just one "complaint” from a liberal activist, or a government agent, that you are indirectly violating an obscure copyright rule, and your website could be fined huge sums, and it could be blacklisted from the internet.

Just imagine if Google was prohibited from displaying websites that were critical of Barack Obama, that discussed the controversy over where he was born, or that mentioned the damage that his policies are doing to the economy.

Well, that is exactly what will ultimately happen if S.968 passes, and it is signed into law.

Many of this bill's provisions are modeled on Communist China's censorship law, called the "Great Firewall of China.”
Even the socialists in the European Parliament oppose this new American law. That is how extreme S.968 is!

S.968 already has 40 co-sponsors in the U.S. Senate.   Eleven more votes and it passes!

Please fax every U. S. Senator NOW.

Extreme liberals like Chuck Schumer and Al Franken have teamed up with Republicans like John McCain and Lindsey Graham to ram this bill into law.

They are being helped by millions of dollars in campaign contributions from  left-wing mainstream media companies.

They want the government to shut down all the blogs and political forums, and all of the independent news sites, so that they, once again, will have a monopoly on the news that you and I are allowed to see.

This threat against free speech is so grave and so imminent that websites like Google and Yahoo are seriously considering staging a last-ditch online protest to try to stop Mr. Obama and his Congressional allies!

Please, fax every Member of the U. S. Senate NOW, and please forward this email to all of your friends, urging them to do the same.

This bill WILL PASS unless you take action TODAY.
And, while you are at it, please add to the effectiveness of your faxes by personally calling your U.S. Senators' offices at 202-224-3121.  Tell him, or her, to STOP S. 968, the internet takeover bill (not that they give a hoot as they already are committing treason )

The final vote is January 24th.  We only have days remaining to save free speech on the internet!

Gary G. Kreep, Esq.
Executive Director
United States Justice Foundation    

Comment by jfreden on January 13, 2012 at 10:01pm

Articles on Twitter and Facebook saying the 'combining' just gives him more and more power...harder to track what each is doing.

Comment by Lynne Breyer on January 13, 2012 at 9:55pm

Attended a fundraiser tonight and Rep. David Schweikert was there.  Two things caught my attention: The $1.2T BHO is going after is already baked in the cake.  It was included in the debt ceiling deal that all agreed to last August!  So it's a done deal!!!  I'm pretty sure we all knew that at the time.  Thanks, House Republicans!

Item 2: I asked him about the BIG announcement BHO made today about how he was going to save us all this money by combining 7 agencies into one.  WOW!  I got so excited...ha!  Didn't we just know there was more to the story?  Yep, these are not even agencies but little pieces that don't amount to much at all.  Now, isn't that just like that Obama!  What a little jokester he is!

Comment by Lynne Breyer on January 13, 2012 at 3:12pm

AARP is one of the far leftist groups working hard to get Obama re-elected.  Yet, many seniors would prefer to have the discounts and supplement insurance that saves them a few dollars a month than research and change to one of the several other groups for seniors.  On page 95, lines 8-18 of the Obamacare law, it says that private non-profit community groups (like AARP) can step up to the public trough and enroll people in Obamacare.  There are millions of dollars involved as the organizations get a cut of every enrollment.  Hmmm, do I see a conflict here?

Comment by jfreden on January 12, 2012 at 8:33pm

Its not only the NLRB it is Cordray when they were not in 'recess'...if O is allowed to continue and ignore congress he will just push the envelope further and further.  Calling AZ legislators and Senators tomorrow and will do it again and again demanding that they stand up for themselves and for us.  Like you say is was OK for the democrats to do it with Bush, but now DOJ says "it was legal".

Comment by Arizona Freedom Alliance on January 12, 2012 at 3:21pm

Does anyone remember when Pres. Bush was trying to appoint people to the National Labor Relations Board and the Democrat Senate refused to give them an up or down vote because the union didn't like who he wanted to appoint?  This went on for months and months.  Then do you remember when Pres. Bush wanted to appoint John Bolton as Ambassador to the UN and the Senate stalled that appointment for months and months?  Then Bush finally made the appointment during the December break as a Recess Appointment and the Dems (Harry Reid) quickly passed a law that the Congress could conduct a Pro-forma Session.... just like they did this year to keep Obama from appointing far left union people to the NLRB.  As a matter of background, both houses of Congress must agree to a recess and this year, the House did not agree, forcing Harry Reid to call the Senate into Session and then adjourning immediately thereafter: Pro-forma session.  A Democrat enacted law!  To keep Bush from making Recess Appointments.

From the time Obama submitted a name to fill the vacancy on the NLRB the day before the Recess 2011 until the day Obama "deemed" the Congress to be in recess despite the law the Dems passed and appointed his nominee... 18 days.  For Bush, stalling for months and months, for Obama...18 days!  Against the law!



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