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One thing we all have in common about opinions: everyone has one!  This is the place to write your opinion on any subject of interest to conservative readers.  Your opinions will not be edited nor must you get approval.  But the rules of the game prevail: no name calling or bomb throwing at fellow conservatives.  The enemy is not conservatives with whom you disagree so focus on candidates, elected officials, progressives, general topics that affect all of us in Arizona and America.

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Stars, Bars and the Rising Sun

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With the 2016 election cycle on the horizon, the shenanigans going on behind the scenes at the local, state and federal levels, there is no end of opinions that are valid and sometimes, game changing.  Every opinion has the potential to be the one that throws an unexpected light on an issue.

This is the place to post your opinions on a variety of topics, whatever is important to you.  It's unlikely that most of us can get a letter to the editor published in the AZ Republic.  But you can here.  AFA will feature some of them and blast out links to some of them.

So open up and let us hear what's on your mind.  Follow the simple rules posted above.

It's very easy to do: first, click +Join to get posting privileges and then scroll to the bottom of the Discussions section.  Click on Add a Discussion and add a title and then write in the big box what is bothering you.  Or what satisfies you.  Or what puzzles you.

This page will stay up so long as you are interested in using it and others are interested in reading it!

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Do you recognize this Sociopath??

Started by John5319. Last reply by John Matthews Aug 10, 2022. 1 Reply

Who sees this in politics today ... Do you recognize these personality traits of a Sociopath?1) A Hunger for Power & Dominance (I matter to me)2) Devious or Deceptive Tendencies (I can't…Continue

Tags: Biden, Joe, Sociopath, IRS, FBI

Socialist "collateral damage" .. for ALL citizens.

Started by John5319 Aug 9, 2022. 0 Replies

- Did you know that ... in this Democrat bill, the Inflation Reduction Act passed yesterday (and not supported by even 1 Republican) ... NONE OF IT goes into effect ... until AFTER December 31,…Continue

Tags: IRS, spending, taxes, reduction, Inflation

The Stamp Act vs. Inflation

Started by John5319 Jun 27, 2022. 0 Replies

History IS REPEATING itself ???  Shall we examine the Facts-of-the Matter.     The Stamp Act of 1765 .. imposed a direct tax that applied to all who lived in the American colonies and it applied on…Continue

Tags: recession, taxes, Act, Stamp, inflation

How the Trolls Work With the Media

Started by Jeff Dover. Last reply by Jeff Dover Jun 15, 2022. 2 Replies

Preface: The following is written in the context of my belief that our Deep State and permanent ruling class in Washington, along with financial elites, major multi-national business concerns and the…Continue

Tags: reset, censorship, fear, great, order

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