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I got this on my email today and believe it hits the nail on the head about the left's trumped up charges against the right.  I'm not sure…

Started by Pat J

2 Oct 23, 2014
Reply by Paul Yoder

Obama is no ordinary weakling!

Originally posted in East Valley News Net Originally a letter to the Editor in some paper, this man hits it squarely in the eye of the st…

Started by Arizona Freedom Alliance

0 Oct 6, 2014

2nd Amendment More Important than Ever

We have a President who scorns the 2nd Amendment, indeed, the entire Constitution.  He's on the record as saying he believes the Constituti…

Started by Arizona Freedom Alliance

0 Sep 27, 2014

How to deal with the brainwashed

By Jim Goad I awoke this morning to the creaking sound of the Western mind closing shut. I felt it squeezing in on me like a car crusher. P…

Started by Arizona Freedom Alliance

3 Aug 25, 2014
Reply by Arizona Freedom Alliance

Arizona Republic Makes [crazy] Endorsements

For years, most of us conservatives know that if the Arizona Repulsive endorses a conservative, it's pure coincidence.  In the past, McCain…

Started by Arizona Freedom Alliance

0 Jul 21, 2014

Proper contact information for this site...

I have tried to contact the Arizona Freedom Alliance people here, their hushmail address returns "Account expired".  I tried to send them a…

Started by Jack Wilborn

1 Jul 3, 2014
Reply by Arizona Freedom Alliance

Government Shafts Vets Again

As a Republican, in a Republic, I'm proud of Arizona way of life and how many of the ideas of the people are in line with our founding fath…

Started by Jack Wilborn

0 Jul 2, 2014

Time to Speak Up on Chem-Trails

[Letter to the Editor, White Mountain Independent] To the Editor: Have you looked in the sky lately and compared the different shapes that…

Started by Arizona Freedom Alliance

0 Jun 25, 2014

Find yourself questioning what's Medical about Medicinal Marijuana?

I'm sure many are in this boat.  I was, like most assuming that Medical Marijuana was a short cut toward legalization.  Watching Judge Judy…

Started by Jack Wilborn

2 Jun 18, 2014
Reply by American Pride

Would it be OK to release Charles Manson? Or 12 Terrorists in Afghanistan?

Or Jeffery Dahmer or Ted Bundy?  These are Americans who killed American's in a spree of terror over the years.  They stayed in prison all…

Started by Arizona Freedom Alliance

0 Jun 17, 2014





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