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KUHNER: Will Obama steal the 2012 election?

(Note: The Holder Department of Justice has been told NOT to ever prosecute any blacks or Hispanics for voting violations [see the New Blac…

Started by Lynne Breyer

0 Dec 31, 2011

Rep. Paul Gosar Townhalls

Patriots: With the highly gerrymandered Congressional maps, Rep. Gosar has been put into a district that is 75% registered Democrats, prima…

Started by Lynne Breyer

0 Dec 29, 2011

Voter fraud is real

The state chairman of Indiana's Democratic Party resigned Monday as a probe of election fraud in the 2008 Democratic presidential primary w…

Started by Arizona Freedom Alliance

0 Dec 28, 2011

Federal judge: Blacks’ voting rights include identifying Dems on ballots

A U.S. District Court judge has rejected a challenge to Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 — filled (sic) when the Department of Ju…

Started by Arizona Freedom Alliance

0 Dec 27, 2011

Why We Must Unite And Support The Republican Nominee No Matter What!

From Conservative Byte By Jay Taylor, Vice President of Political Strategy – Liberty Alliance, LLC We post many articles on ConservativeByt…

Started by Arizona Freedom Alliance

0 Dec 26, 2011

A Very Beatable President - But the GOP can still blow it!

We are a little over 10 months from Election Day, and the Christmas hope of many conservatives is that voters next November will deliver a…

Started by Arizona Freedom Alliance

0 Dec 22, 2011

What Ron Paul Thinks of America

By DOROTHY RABINOWITZ Wall Street Journal Ron Paul's supporters are sure of one thing: Their candidate has always been consistent—a point D…

Started by Lynne Breyer

0 Dec 22, 2011

Can Ron Paul win?

December 15, 2011 by Ed Morrissey With Ron Paul rising in the polls, the media has begun to cast its attention towards the libertarian GOP…

Started by Arizona Freedom Alliance

0 Dec 22, 2011

“The Silent Dismantling of our Republic by Interfering with Regular, Periodic Elections.”

by Earl Taylor, Jr., National Center for Constitutional Studies One of the most feared aspects to the Founders in creating a government wa…

Started by Arizona Freedom Alliance

0 Dec 22, 2011

The Winds of Change by Warren Buffet (an Obama supporter)

Thanks to Linda: How do we get the following enacted? Here is my recommendation: All voters supporting candidates of either party for…

Started by Arizona Freedom Alliance

0 Dec 21, 2011





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