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We must be ever vigilant on how the GOP officials vote, on how they talk, on what they do and who they support!  And that is all GOP lawmakers across the board!  We already know what the Democrats will do!!

Please post your comments and verifiable information about anything you learn about our lawmakers.  Please include a source so people can do further research.

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The Republican Party Platform, 2016

The Conservative side of the ledger needs to aggressively address voter fraud, instill fiscal responsibility and run electable candidates with Constitutional principles.

This page is for informing about what Republicans are doing to advance those principles.

It's time to cut loose such pseudo Conservatives as Karl Rove, Dick Morris and others who are Establishment Republicans more interested in their own power and less interested in America as a Constitutional country and against tea party grassroots values.

Every day, you get calls from dozens on "conservative" organizations wanting your money.  This is the time to be very careful who you donate to.

Do Not Donate to American Crossroads.  Do Not Donate to Mitch McConnel.  Do Not Donate to the Republican National Committee/National Republican Party/Republican National Congressional Committee or Senate Conservative Fund.

Go to Open Secrets to check out any PAC that wants your money BEFORE you donate.

Further Food For Thought: “All Republicans should ask Republican candidates their position on the Republican Party Platform. If you get a ‘deer in the headlights’ stare, you might understand how we can sometimes be so confused by their positions on issues,” quipped LD19 PC Joe Hobbs. “We are trying hard to pay attention to their core values in the debates and there are a number of candidates who seem to be ‘Totally Unaware’ of Republican values. Some of the candidates seem to have dropped out of the sky with big bags of money and have declared themselves Republicans without understanding hardly anything that we can support. Hollow campaign promises will not fool us again. You are RINOs and you are not welcome here. Our Republican Party Platform is the only true definition of what a Republican really is. It was written by grass roots Republican activists from all 50 states PLUS Presidential nominee, Donald Trump. It defines us. It is our benchmark. It defines our DNA. I absolutely will not support any Republican candidate who does not understand and support the Republican Party Platform – all of it! See 2016 GOP Platform

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President Trump Should Read the President John F. Kennedy Report When He Got Back from Germany

Started by Tif Morgan 8 hours ago. 0 Replies

President Trump Should Read the President John F. Kennedy Report When he Got Back from Germany, John F. Kennedy Executive Order to remove the fed, Marrs alleges that the issuance of Executive Order 11110 was an effort by Kennedy to transfer power…Continue

President Trump Selects Robert O’Brien as National Security Advisor…

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Robert C O’Brien (pictured left) is currently the State Department’s special presidential envoy for hostage affairs.  A…Continue

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State GOP Looks To Clear Nomination Path For Trump By Canceling Primary

Started by Arizona Freedom Alliance. Last reply by Patricia Gillenwater Sep 10. 8 Replies

Note:  We don't find this unusual this year.  In 2016, a high placed state official told us the 2016 would be the last year the state taxpayers would pay for the Presidential Preference Primary due to the cost.  Aside form the cost, the primary,…Continue

Tags: 2020

AZGOP chair’s consulting firm working on legislative races

Started by Arizona Freedom Alliance. Last reply by Patricia Gillenwater Aug 31. 7 Replies

We are very disturbed by this turn of events.  We have had a heads up on this for a while but hoped it would solve itself.  The problem is clearly explained in the article, but the short version is - perception is reality.  The perception is that…Continue

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McConnell blasts 'modern-day McCarthyism,' defends blocking election bills

Started by Arizona Freedom Alliance. Last reply by john powelson Jul 29. 4 Replies

Imagine!  Mitch McConnell defending President Trump.  Nope, just mounting a vehement defense against accusations lodged against himself.  No such defense over the past four years to defend Mr. Trump!  Now, the dems are calling for McConnell's head.…Continue

Tags: racist, McCarthy, interference, election, traitor

Is the third time the charm for the Republican Party of Arizona?

Started by Arizona Freedom Alliance. Last reply by Patricia Gillenwater May 18. 11 Replies

AZGOP Files Third Complaint Against Democrat State Senator Bowie and CA's Sister District Project for Violating Campaign…Continue

Tags: Attorney, General, unlawful, secretary, Hobbs

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Comment by Tif Morgan on January 25, 2019 at 6:46am
Comment by Angela Sadler on January 11, 2018 at 7:25am
Jonathan Lines is a shady and corrupt individual...along with Sylvia Allen...we, as the Official Navajo County Republican Committee, have been asking Mr. Lines to produce and turn over his financial records, and he still hasn't! This has been almost a year. There is thousands of dollars unaccounted for. And Mrs. Allen stands behind this!! We need him and Mrs. Allen removed asap!! It's all a front. They are very dishonest and will do anything to cover up what is really going on. And are using their name and power to bully the real Republican Committee and people! Please wake up everyone! They are wolves in sheep's clothing!
Comment by Jay clagg on December 18, 2017 at 4:24pm
We the people shall drain the swamp
Comment by Bruce M Piepho on December 18, 2017 at 3:38pm

I am a member of AzRA and can only speak for myself.  I was an Independent until I moved to AZ in Nov. 2010 where upon I immediately registered as a republican voter.  I then joined the Republican party Cochise County committee (CCRC) as an appointed PC, getting elected in the first year possible.  I then was elected by CCRC PCs as a State Committeeman.  It is amazing the information one can garner in 7 years.  Rose we need at least 100 more like you.

As a voter, I always vetted the candidates.  Amazingly the GOP of Reagan has disintegrated into such chaos.  There are McCanites, moderate liberals, conservatives, constitutionalist (rare), Tea Party (I co-founded one in the U.P. of MI), supporters of the RNC platform and voting for the DNC platform.  There is so much BULL stuff in the AZ Republican State party it really makes one P.O. (not Post Office).

I can tolerate a mistake or two by an elected GOP politician.  But when the McNERDs (McConnell and McCain) or FAKES (Flake) and anti-America elites of the republican party go astray, it is time to send the dogs after them.  I pledge to my constituents as a PC to help them throw them out of office.

AZGOP chair Graham is gone but still acting like a McNERD and his legacy lives on in J. Lines.  Chair Lines should have been recalled but for the lack of PC understanding in Maricopa county.  The recall effort died due lack of garnering support in the Maricopa county Legislative Districts.  I have determined the AzRA will not or can not affect change in the AZGOP and the McNERDs will continue to do what ever they please as exemplified by the Navajo county coup.

Rose - ONE answer is to take the fight into the AZ legislature.  First battle is to restrict proxy usage with a limit of two proxy per carrier.  See the 12/18/2017 MCRC BRIEFS and look up Archie Dicksion - 949-233-0009.  He is not working alone.  More help will only make it better.  I figure on recruiting at least two state senators to drop a bill identical to the two in the House.  It doesn't stop with proxy abuse abatement.  And while reading the Briefs check out Part 5 by Russell Sias, Chair La Paz.  There is a strong group supporting his efforts.

Check out Bill Beard's effort to require honest verifiable AZGOP elections.  My research indicates the AZGOP election problems dates back to at least 2008.  PIMA, Cochise and LD14 at a minimum have passed resolutions calling for improvements in the AZGOP elections.  The McNERDs do not have a lock jaw grip on the Arizona Republicans.  Rose please join the fight to reform the AZGOP.

I consider myself as a Christian Constitutional Republican and next year the Appeal to Heaven weekly messages will be based on the theme of America Rising.  If interested in those messages contact me.

Comment by John W Stanis on December 18, 2017 at 11:07am

HI MY NAME IS JOHN(NM) I have just join your gourp. Thus, part of the GOP are fake Christians. Just like the Zion Jews(fake) are in Israel. Both groups are not loyal to America values and principles of the people . They serve the Order of Power (RINOS) and themselves. I have watched the 2016 POTUS election and became an executive campaign member for DJT, because he hates evil and love America and the people.

Since, we are a divided nation over the past 241 years there is bound to be some disagreements among the bipartisan groups for the interest they serve in our government. However those interest must obey and best serve the nation of the USA and the laws of the land for the people.

Now, this is not the case, evil and powers(cabal, cartel, oligarchy, syndicates, mobs, gangsters) have in affect ruin America Virtues to the point of nearly no return. Therefore, it is everyone duty to protect and defend our country and morality as best we can against tyranny and oppression. In which all patriotism stand for in the USA. I am a Christian Patriot first, veteran and American. That also love America just like our Founding Fathers intended on and so does POTUS Donald J Trump. JWS

Comment by Jay clagg on December 18, 2017 at 10:06am
We the people, will drain the swamp
Comment by Pat J on December 18, 2017 at 9:39am

To Rose Sperry's post, the difference between the factions in the Republican party is clearly shown in the elephants shown above this column on this page.  Take a look and you will agree.  Thx AFA for your response to Rose. Spot on.

Comment by Arizona Freedom Alliance on December 18, 2017 at 9:31am

Rose: Although AFA does not speak for AZRA, the plain truth is that all Republicans are not alike.  We see in the news everyday that the establishment republicans are against our own Republican President. But they voted for almost all Obama policies that have damaged the American dream. Are we to support those people?  Is AZRA expected to support republicans who defy the party platform and the United States Constitution, vote with the democrats as Flake and McCain do routinely? Become complicit with the likes of AZGOP Chairman Graham and Lines who make Lincoln Republicans unwelcome at party HQ and defy their own bylaws routinely?  Is that the way to keep the Republic or even the Republican party?  AZRA's national motto is "The Republican Wing of the Republican Party."  That means AZRA is lined up with the party of Lincoln, not the party of McConnell and McCain who are known to spend more money and energy fighting the Freedom Caucus type Republicans than fighting the democrats.  That is what has led to the Uniparty, the intentional merging of democrats and establishment republicans whose goal is globalism.  Most Republicans are in favor of borders while globalism is for no borders anywhere.

And yes, the capital R is applied only to the Lincoln Republicans, the small r is applied to the outliers in the party.

If we can get an official response from AZRA on this, we will post it here.

Comment by Rose Sperry on December 18, 2017 at 8:55am

Thank you for the "vetting" suggestion which brings up another issue. The folks in my area that aren't members of AZRA are hitting me hard about AZRA's policy regarding the vetting of persons before they are permitted to join the organization. Their thing is that we're all Republicans, so why the vetting? What I say to some is that we should vet more carefully. Will someone from Azra please jump in and advise. 

Comment by Bruce M Piepho on December 18, 2017 at 8:00am

Rose - the only time we do not endorse any primary is from the level of a county committee or a legislative district and certainly primary neutrality should be the example at the GOP  state party level.

However, as a PC I represent the voters not the GOP higher up organizations and there is no restriction on my supporting any republican candidate in a primary or general election.  If I go door to door in support for GOP candidate Y and oppose GOP candidate X - the only challenge for my neutrality is from my GOP voters - period.  If my county chair or other officer tells me to be neutral in the primary - I inform him/her that is council only to come from my constituents.


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