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AZ 2016 Elections Rigged to Remove Sheriff Joe!

Lets examine the General Election Results of 2016 and try to understand just what happened in Maricopa County to Sheriff Joe, as we know Numbers Don’t Lie, even though sometimes they Make NO Sense. Voting Numbers from Maricopa County Recorders Office:…


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McCain and RINOs…


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How You Can Help Save the Republican Party

Unless we all believe that there is no cost to replacing Lines & the cabal he runs with, or that you believe that the Republican party is going to pay for the repeal effort against this cabal, we all need to pony up.

The costs are mounting, and Marianne is so far, footing the bill.  We need to help her.  The bill likely is going to be in the neighborhood of $10,000 - which she does not have, nor should be expected to cover.  Marianne has no where…


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Time to support a new Governor!

I think it is time to stop using the word Conservative, but Constitutional Conservative separates the Men from the Boys. I do not want to be labeled in the same group as the Senators from Arizona, or to be considered with moderate or liberal parties in the State of Arizona who call themselves Republicans. Governor Ducey yOur support of proposition 123 shows that you are not a constitutional Conservative, and you have also setup our state to be penalized by the Feds for a bad proposition.… Continue

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The swamp in Washington D.C. Has over flowed into Arizona. Claims of the AZGOP being fractured with discontent have been going on for many years. Many Republicans have had enough!…


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These Statues Don't Talk Back, They Reveal a Heart of Loyalty

     Today were are witness to a Third Revolution in America this one against our nation's past history and the lessons learned from it. The result is those stupefied "useful idiots" projecting their vile hate against fellow citizens, and "the profiles in courage" given by the deaths in ultimate honor to our nations unity, and that honor which was given so that we have a history to reflect upon at all. How much of that past has been properly put into context by our "education" system? Not…


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Timothy Schwartz responds to FAKE news from Kevin Dang

Timothy Schwartz responds to FAKE news on Friday by Kevin Dang.

On Friday, Kevin Dang posted an article chastising me for chastising Matthew Kenney when Kenney falsely chastised Gabby Mercer.


1. Gabby was falsely accused, and thwarted from doing her job. Kenney should be called out for it! No apology from me necessary, as I did the right thing, .

2. My article correctly stated that Matthew Kenney was on the payroll of the… Continue

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Chairman Lines refuses to answer questions

Last night State Chairman Jonathan Lines held his town hall and 8 people were able to get through with their questions. The person before me asked about Gabby Mercer being refused possession of the Secretary's records. Line's answer evaded the question as he pretended it was Gabby's fault and not his. He stated that he has emails where Gabby declined his invitation to meet, when in reality Gabby tried for month after month to fulfill her duties and was repeatedly met with stiff opposition. P.S.… Continue

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How to Rebuild Our Infrastructure

How to Rebuild Our Infrastructure


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Dear President Trump: Breaking Up (Banks) Isn’t So Hard to Do: Glass-Steagall or Another Economic Meltdown?

Dear President Trump: Breaking Up (Banks) Isn’t So Hard to Do: Glass-Steagall or Another Economic Meltdown?

By Nomi Prins

(The following open letter was issued June 8, 2017.)

Donald, listen, whatever you’ve done so far, whatever you’ve messed up, there’s one thing you could do that would make up for a lot. It would be huge! Terrific! It could…


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Letter to Lines, 28 June 2017

Chairman Lines,

I DID ask for the minutes of both the exec meeting and the bylaws meeting on the 17th of June.  I have not seen them, nor a link to them.  If they were recorded, please forward that link as well.
Please advise!

2nd issue:
From what scuttlebutt I hear, the meetings did not go well.  I tried my best…

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Options - What/How to do it.

Okay, I have cherry picked our bylaws.  Following are those that I feel may apply to our problem.  It appears that we could attempt to call a special meeting, to determine a few things.


What happened to the $220,000 that Lines was surprised about in the March meeting.  (I ask 11 questions about this money in a post here about a week ago).  Do I need to repost them?

When has the exec committee (and why have they not) been presented with a budget.



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Draining the swamp is easy

By Michael Master (author of Save America Now, Rules for Conservatives, The Birth Famine)



Our home is in a community of 2,000 homes located on the intercostal in North Carolina.   Everything lives here.   Alligators. Water moccasins.  Rattle snakes.  Sea hawks.  Egrets.  Giant blue heron. Mosquitoes… blood sucking mosquitoes.  We’ve watched from our back porch as dolphins chased sail boats and motor boats up the intercostal and watched the moon rise over the…


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17th Amendment...Bad, bad choice!

17th Amendment...Bad, bad choice!
In 1913, we added the 17th amendment to our constitution. It has been a mistake that has generated unforeseen and negative consequences for our country.
Prior to the 17th, state legislatures controlled who got to represent each…

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Surprised! Really???

I think I was more surprised that Chairman Lines was when, in March, he expressed that he was "surprised" that we were $220,000 in debt. Now, I want to know several things.…


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A Lincoln Proclamation

The recent turmoil in the world, and in America specifically where political rhetorical terrorism continues, has been a travesty as our government has tried in vain to heavy-handedly tried to force other sovereign nations to democratize their citizens. Yet it is some who continue to promote an appeasement of Islamic radical infringement upon our Liberty to…

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Global Warming: An Inconvenient Lie-A chance for your to Learn and Teach

Since Donald Trump made his announcement today about the Paris Accords, the timing is relevant for you to educate yourselves and other people, including friends and family, and Church Members.

Last December a conference was held in Tempe, AZ which completely covered the arguments that all  American Citizens, PC's and Representatives of our Government need to know. This is the most educational 13 hours that you will ever have a chance to view.  I am presenting a chance here for you to…


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Donald Trump really is a LOT wiser than people think, consider this...

Begin by noticing how the President fired Comey when Comey was 3,000 miles away from his office, that Comey had no inkling he was being cut, that all his files, computers, and everything in his office were seized by his boss Jeff Sessions and the justice department. This was not a violation of protocol, it was tactical. Notice how Prez Trump compartmentalized the strike and did not inform any of his White House “staff” to prevent leaks. Notice how he emasculated Comey and the swamp denizens…


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Robocops in operation

Interesting article..

Dubai using robot cops

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My reading of history convinces me that most bad government results from too much government.
Thomas Jefferson



The best in books to make every conservative start thinking in new ways about America and the world being controlled by the Obama Administrations AND Republicans and Democrats.  Some surprises are in store for those who look!




Suppose the earth and its inhabitants exist in order to identify just what causes mankind continually to suffer so many troublesome problems and afflictions.

At present, most persons decide to act on whatever happens with their thoughts. But doing so puts them in competition with one of the creator's natural laws first identified by Richard Wetherill.


The answer is not complicated. People must stop basing their behavior on their personal thinking. Instead they have to act on the creator's thoughts, here being described in the English language as rational, honest, and morally right.

No longer should people reason from their concepts of good and evil, right and wrong, likes and dislikes, or whatever else comes to mind. Instead, mankind must think the creator's thoughts. That enables them successfully to do what is rational, honest, and morally right.

That may seem incredible until understood. But, consider that it is the way that mankind can escape the death penalty everybody has been paying since the days that people were created.

Join the survivors who have stopped their personal thinking. They now base their behavior on the creator's guiding thoughts to act in a way that is rational, honest, and morally right.

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