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Give 'Em An Inch...

Once again, government proves, “It never met a tax it didn’t want to increase or extend…

Unbelievable…  Less than five days after those who (thought they) weren’t affected approved the calamity of light-rail (which will, most likely, destroy businesses, if not the entire economy of South Phoenix), the LIBERAL mayor of Phoenix wants to extend a tax that’s due to expire in four-plus…


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The Miracles of Modern Medicine

Wouldn’t it be interesting if science found that the dramatic increase in the types and severity of cancer and other “modern,” life-threatening, and debilitating diseases were the result of the eradication of common childhood or relatively inconsequential maladies?

Take, for example, MEASLES CURES CANCER (…


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(A real quickie)

I have recently stated that Mueller (and the Media) have broken the Democrat’s hearts.  Obviously, they were willing dupes, but nonetheless…  Two years of the daily anticipation of the demise of the Trump Administration has been shattered on the rocks of the Russian Collusion and/or Obstruction Report, itself.  A cataclysmic failure produced by the revelation -- “We did not find anything, certainly…


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It's Happening!

Have you heard it?  AJ William Barr announced that he is certain that the Obama Administration committed “unlawful surveillance” on the Trump campaign in 2016 and investigation into the investigation has already begun.  Our wildest dream has come true!

If I can paraphrase the campaign slogan from Ross Perot, “That loud sucking sound you hear is the Deep State Swamp being drained!”…


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The Preservation of Stagnation

(Our civil and political problems continue no matter what we do, so let’s leave it alone for now and discuss a completely different subject with moral and ethical implications.  Perhaps it will give us some insight into how and why things got to be the way they are now.) 

I have often wondered how it can be that, while hundreds of government agencies and private industries can track my movement, constantly, to within…


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Sleepless in the Cellar or Pass the Melatonin, Please...

A well-known talk-radio host – initials RL – and a famous online news-aggregator – initials MD -- and I (ahem) found an article today on the results of a recent OnePoll survey of 2000 Millennials – they are the 18-35-year-olds who make up the CORE of America’s workers, supervisors, managers, doers, and LOAFERS.  The company, Endoca, a CBD-oil purveyor (that’s Hemp-oil, folks), commissioned…


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If They Knew Now What I Know Now.

I would so like to know the origin of this clipping so I could give it the proper attribution (but I scammed it off one of my friend's FaceBook post).  I suppose the author can enjoy the anonymity. The article is Typical of America's Group Think, it's the WRONG answer to a BAD question.  As ALWAYS, the only thing wrong with education is money.  It's not enough or it's in the wrong places.  Hang on, you are about to get a HUGE RANT!…


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A Distinction Without a Difference?

I am a BIG fan of Dennis Prager (not so much Hugh Hewitt, although they are often found together).  I am an EVEN BIGGER fan of the 5-minute videos produced by Prager University.  In fact, if I were a schoolteacher, teaching from the 7th grade up, I would start every day with a PragerU video and have a class discussion about it.

Essentially, it’s Conservatives and the few…


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Is There a Vaccination for Ignorance?

There is a BIG brouhaha brewing in a Senate Committee (OMG, what a waste), along with the Center for Disease Control (CDC, OMG an even bigger waste), and God knows how many public and private Organizations, Private Groups, and Lobbyists.  Their focus is regarding mandatory vaccination requirements and how it may be imposed under ALL circumstances. Evidently, the getting vaccinated to attend public school laws in various states doesn’t seem to be sufficient.  So in March the experts,…


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Even Heaven Has Walls

In the ongoing hyperbole and hypocritical haranguing over building the wall, the Democrats offer a number of “warm and fuzzy” arguments that sound, on face value, reasonable and perhaps convincing even to the hardest cored Republicans.

For example, true Republican Conservatives perk up whenever someone, even if it is a Democrat in the government, admits that a proposed expenditure costs too much.  Then again, a wall…


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Shut 'er Down!

The sky is falling!  The sky is falling!  OMG the Government is shut down!!!  What will we do?  We’re all going to die!  It’s the end of the world!  We’ll be invaded!!!  Veterans will die!  People will go hungry!!  Planes will blow up!  Crops will fail!  The sun will explode!

Are you personally affected by the “Government…


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If You Build It...

I am originally from Iowa, so the movie “Field of Dreams” has been a favorite of mine since it first came out (“Is this heaven?  No, this is Iowa.”).  But, there is another line from that movie that is much more prescient and deserves our attention, especially when it is applied to our government:

“If you build it, they will come.”…


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Russian Interference? So What --

Although my vast research sources and massive data checking organizations have yet to compile the totality of their findings into something less than 3,956 pages of non-opinionated, detailed, and factual information, I am compelled to present my irrefutable findings regarding the Special Prosecutor’s Investigation into the “Russian Interference into the U.S. Election Process.”



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Eau de Foggy Bottom Swamp-gas

Recently I was advised that the bottom line profit for producers raising turkeys comes, almost exclusively, from what’s left in the barn after the turkeys are sold… 

Buying chicks, feeding, housing, and caring for them until they have grown to a marketable size is actually a break-even proposition at best.  And that doesn’t consider the catastrophic risks of equipment failure,…


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We Can Succeed... If We Can Handle the Truth

So… you think you’ve got the answers?  "It's that other guy’s issues that aren’t as important as mine.  If everyone would just listen to ME, we can fix this thing!"  YOUR issue is our MOST important issue  --

  • Voter ID
  • Congressional Term Limits
  • Article 5 Convention
  • Too many crooks are NOT being thrown in jail
  • Repeal the 16th Amendment
  • Repeal the 17th Amendment
  • Make the media tell the truth
  • End…

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My reading of history convinces me that most bad government results from too much government.
Thomas Jefferson



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