A comparison of France and Arizona’s politics and taxes

We used to be a state that was business friendly and a safe haven for those wishing to escape personal taxation at every turn.  Now we have a “Republican” governor personally advocating for a tax windfall for state coffers and a purple, mostly blue with RINO's, legislature waiting to attack the people’s pockets.  This is being done by not allowing Arizona tax payers to claim the same deduction credits that were changed for federal returns.  The taxable income amount also changed.  By the state not "conforming" to the federal changes, this means Arizona residents will now pay more taxes.  Is this Ducey's way of paying for the Red4Ed promise against tax payers wishes?  Remember this bill was voted down, but our legislators and Governor capitulated for votes.  Then there's the increase in vehicle registration fees and a coming push to increase our state gas tax.  Remember, you heard it here first.

I recently met a couple from Paris France, and a niece that lives in France, while in Saint Petersburg, Russia.  We met to discuss the “Orange Vests” in Paris.  This was a movement to protest a recent gas tax.  This tax was the final straw on a series of taxes that have been assaulting the working class’ ability to support their families.  Unfortunately, they know this movement has been infiltrated by instigators to create violence.  They believe this was a deliberate move by the opposition to this movement.

While they like the “government freebies” they admit a significant decline in quality, like education and general maintenance of facilities and roads.  Healthcare is still decent at this time, but they fear it will be threatened.

Their government is too big without increasing revenue to be sustained.  Interestingly, they have an agency that’s only purpose is to find more creative ways to tax.  The over taxation has not been a recent problem.  The working class has been struggling for some time and is now starting to mobilize against the government.  My niece reports that a new movement, although smaller, has been people moving to villages outside the bigger cities to "get away from the system".  This is kind of like our "preppers" learning to live off the grid.

Although they admit having a constitution, like many of our citizens they don’t really know what it says or means.  I explained that I, along with a growing number of others, are educating our citizens about our constitution and what it means.  They were surprised to hear that many of our legislators are not informed on our constitution which they take an oath to defend.  I explained that if ours don’t, there’s a good chance theirs may not either.  After explaining some of the problems we face here in America, which they were not aware of, they became more concerned with the need to be better educated on geopolitical issues, learn more about their own constitution, be involved and realize national media is a propaganda arm for government.

In France, and Finland after talking with family, we learned that all have this in common; the people have not been paying attention and we all are paying the price.

So, my question to you is, are we going the direction of France?  Are we also now going to experience an intentional push for even bigger government and taxing the people to rebellion?


Randy Miller

LD21 Constitutional Republican

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