Incumbent, David Stringer. Arizona House of Representatives of LD, is a man of strong character and principles. He is a bold Conservative whose number one priority is the safety and welfare of Arizona and our country. He is a true patriot and I was much honored to have his endorsement when I ran in 2015 as 1st Vice Chair for the Yavapai County Republican Committee. He endorsed me because we understood the dangers facing our border state and country due to the Democrat party whose goal is to turn Yavapai County and all of Arizona from red to blue.

Representative David Stringer in his June 15, 2018 speech to the Republican Men’s Forum talked about immigration which is the 3rd rail in politics. What he said had already been stated by Governor Ducey at the 2017 National Review Institute’s Ideas Summit. “What we reject is immigration without assimilation and that is what we have had in the past few decades “. There is concern about our country being overwhelmed with immigration, its impact on our public school system and lack of assimilation

Immigration without assimilation is an issue and a threat to Arizona and immigration without white children is an issue because of the declining white population, many of whom do not attend public schools but rather attend charter schools, are home schooled or attend religious or private schools. The city of Tucson is under a desegregation order but due to the massive levels of illegal immigration and white children not in public schools, desegregation has not been achieved.

President Trump won the election by hitting this 3rd rail in politics. He spoke about restricting immigration. The only other politician who has the courage to bring the issue of immigration directly to the people is incumbent David Stringer. When any Republican politician brings up the issue, the left’s way of debating is to call you a racist.

The cabal of Establishment RINO Republicans immediately caved to a tweet from Democrat Arizona State Senator Martin Quezada, self-proclaimed as “Arizona’s Trusted Progressive Voice” representing LD 29 and Democrat David Schapira, who is on the Tempe City Council and candidate for Superintendent for Public Instruction. He tweeted the 51 second clip out of the 17 minute speech given to the Republican Men’s Forum.

The clip showed “There aren’t enough white kids around.” Schapira then posted his comment “It’s time to remove xenophobic radicals from elected office this November.” The next post was from Jim Small, Arizona Center for Investigative reporting, “A prominent Republican player told me that he was at a fundraiser for another lawmaker last month and Representative Stringer told him point blank that he was a “White Nationalist.” Of course there was nothing to back up this unsubstantiated claim. Schapira is an open advocate for the so-called “Red for Ed” movement. Conservatives know that this movement has nothing to do with education. It is a movement to recruit and mobilize Democrats to make gains or to consolidate power for the fall elections and is clearly anti-Trump.

My blood continues to boil that the top brass of the Republican Party and the Yavapai County Republican Committee pelted incumbent Stringer in social media and print with charges of racism based on 51 seconds of a 17 minute speech. This was 51 seconds clearly taken out of context. David doesn’t speak in politically correct language, so they decided to hang him on the Republican cross. The top brass is incumbent Governor Doug Ducey, Chairman Jonathan Lines of the Arizona Republican Party, National Committeeman Bruce Ash and Yavapai County Republican Committee Chairman Mark Sensmeier.

Bruce Ash’s Facebook page said he joined with Chairman Lines to demand David Stringer’s resignation in connection to the “indecent and uncalled for derogatory comments on immigration which he has made in the public square.” Ash added “he is not one of us” and smeared him by saying “he (Stringer) has said much worse in private” and that Stringer‘s views do not represent the views of “good Republicans anywhere.” My definition of a good Republican is to follow their bylaws which include not to express any bias toward a candidate in a contested primary, not using the smear tactics of Saul Alinsky and not marginalizing Conservatives.

Incumbent David Stringer responded to Governor Ducey’s State of the Union address in which he made criminal reform one of his priorities, targeting recidivism. David founded and co-chairs a Bipartisan Criminal Justice Study to address this issue of criminal reform. This will help whites and minorities to readjust to freedom and give them a second chance.

The brass is so consumed with taking Incumbent Stringer out of the picture that even the Democrats are angry. Speaker Mesnard of the Arizona Legislature condemned the remarks and proposed shutting down this Bipartisan Criminal justice Reform committee. However, on the Conservative Circus radio show of June 20, David reported that the members are regrouping and moving forward.

All of the Republican brass are nothing more than cowards who simply caved to this leftist rhetoric. The most unexpected and over the top extreme reaction was that of Chairman Mark Sensmeier and the Yavapai Republican Committee sending out a Constant Contact asking that incumbent Stringer apologize and then resign! The Prescott eNews reported the vote was 5-2 in favor of asking for his apology and resignation. I was informed that this vote was conducted by email. They didn’t even have the decency to have a table discussion and followed like lemmings without taking a closer look at the situation nor have a conscience about destroying a fellow Republican’s campaign for reelection or his life. The cowards didn’t even sign their names.

The members of this Committee are as follows: Dr. Mark Sensmeier, County Chair; Phil Goode ,First Vice Chair; Craig Kiggens, Second Vice Chair; Roger Reinsch , Treasurer; Alex Harris, Assistant Treasurer , Anne Roper Secretary and Sandra Laney , Assistant Secretary.

Incumbent Stringer is being railroaded for political expediency because the Republican Party is run by McCain operatives who despise Conservatives. Remember what Senator John McCain said about Donald J. Trump when he was running for President in 2015 and held a rally in Phoenix. “Donald Trump ‘fired up’ the crazies”.

On the local level the Yavapai Republican party is biased toward Stringer’s Republican challenger Jodi Rooney who will tow the Republican line as will Representative Martha McSally who is one of the Republican candidates for Senate. Her challengers are Dr. Kelli Ward and ex-Sherriff Joe Arpaio.
We all know that many of these Republican politicians are in office because the Democrats are worse. It is incumbent upon all of the Republican Establishment to give an apology to incumbent Stringer and his voters. Don’t expect it. They lack candor, decency, and respect. They may pay the price in more ways than one.

Myrna Lieberman, PC, State Committeemen
Founder Mobilization of Conservatives®

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