George Bush Jr. during an inaugural speech said, “History has a visible direction, set by liberty, and the author of liberty.”  This is true, liberty has had to be fought for and won due to the intolerance of living in tyranny and suppression.  Liberty was fought for and blood shed because of the inability to pursue your dreams and provide for the safety and welfare of your family. Instead being completely dependent on government for meager handouts and threatened when you complain or demand change.   Many times, liberty had to be fought for just for the right of survival.  Our first and second amendments are tantamount to keeping these liberties.

The author of liberty has always been the people fighting for it, not government granting it.  Let’s keep life’s history in perspective.  The purpose of this speech was to soften the tone and lead tolerance towards a changing direction in government control for a “one world order”, not to demonstrate his desire to lead one nation under our sovereign ideals and history.  If so, then why did Bush Jr. give us the Patriot Act?  Or the Real ID?  Or the Department of Homeland Security?

A one world government and the “deep state” is to manipulate the minds and hearts of the people towards a global disarmament so resistance can be destroyed.  There will be no need for weapons in the hands of the people because the United Nations and the United States, as corrupt as they are, knows what is best for the people.  There will be a protector of your rights on every corner.  Government will not allow any programing on television or radio that will contradict their wisdom for the people.  And the government will not allow anyone standing on a street corner or in the park challenging what they believe is violating our rights or mistreatment of the people.  We will be living in a happy, peaceful government-controlled utopia, don’t worry.

History will be rewritten in this digital age to remove any reference to Ruby Ridge, Waco, and the murder of Levoy Finicum .   Also, Pal Pot, Stalin, Lenin, Mao Zedong will be represented as saviors.   Let’s us not forget Hitler and Leopold II of Belgium.  Then there is Kim Jung II had about 250,000 people arrested after succeeding his father.  These were mostly teachers and people with higher education that threatened is power due to knowledge and influence.  Mao alone is responsible for more deaths in only 4 years than the entire population of California. All combined, the dictators above have murdered a number equal the western United States.  But don’t worry, we won’t have to remember this and all other reasons why we have the first and second amendment, we’ll have our government-controlled utopia from overseas, but don’t worry, history will be rewritten in this digital age.


Randy Miller



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Comment by Nan M Nicoll PC Mohave Mesa 02 on November 28, 2018 at 12:04pm

I really enjoyed the "There will be no need for weapons in the hands of the people because the United Nations and the United States, as corrupt as they are, knows what is best for the people.  There will be a protector of your rights on every corner. " Sounds like the mantra of our Democratic candidates running for office.  I believe many people vote for Democrats because they are seeking revenge against made up problems that make them victims seeking a redeemer.  Amazing how easily some are mislead.  Someone very wise said "If you don't stand for something you will fall for anything". I shudder to contemplate how many Americans would not understand what this means. Or if they do would belittle the saying.

Comment by Patricia Gillenwater on November 27, 2018 at 10:02pm

Randy, Somber is this writing. Unfortunately true. The new order is the playpen of the globalist.  The next generation will be clueless to the good and bad of history. Good grief many of the young of our time are already clueless.

I fear for the future generations they will not be equipped  to be self reliant. 

Many of those who for a moment allowed in the playpen it is a temporary time. the big babies will use them and throw them out when they become a liability.

This reminds me of the order society in the movie The Giver.





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