Recently I was advised that the bottom line profit for producers raising turkeys comes, almost exclusively, from what’s left in the barn after the turkeys are sold… 

Buying chicks, feeding, housing, and caring for them until they have grown to a marketable size is actually a break-even proposition at best.  And that doesn’t consider the catastrophic risks of equipment failure, weather extremes, the health of the flock, facility calamities, and etc., any one of which could easily wipe out the entire enterprise.

But when the rafter of turkeys is finally loaded onto the trucks, it’s what’s left on the floor, the droppings of “processed feeds,” that turns the break-even turkey-game into a marginally profitable enterprise.  Overhead, production costs, market prices, and other risks are all endured in hope that the value of the pile of poop will make it all worthwhile.

Of course, animal waste has been beneficial for many things, including its value as a commodity in itself (well, except for doggy-doo…).  What is truly unfortunate is that ALL of the BS produced in Washington has absolutely NO value, whatsoever!  Even the thousands of words they create and carefully ink on paper do nothing more than reduce the value of the original blank paper.  If only there was just a tiny value in the horrendous odor that their BS produces…

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Comment by Patricia Gillenwater on December 20, 2018 at 10:27pm

Terry, Thank you for posting this well said article. It provided entertainment as well. I worked for a short time for a software company providing knowledge management software for the pig and beef mfg industry. Yes those industries are manufacturing ones.

D.C. manufactures poop. 

What ever happened to the notion "do no harm"?

Comment by Eric Barnes on December 19, 2018 at 12:01pm

It's certainly not what the Founders hoped for.  And it has been my considered opinion of many decades, that most of those currently abiding in the House and Senate could not pass a  10th grade test on  the Constitution as I had to do so many years ago.  I seriously believe that many of them have never read either Constitution nor the Bill of Rights.  What a very sad bunch of  "representatives"...who mainly represent only themselves.

Comment by Russell Sias on December 19, 2018 at 9:30am

Cute!  You almost had me ready to argue that farming is ALWAYS been a risky venture.  Government, governing, should NEVER be risky.  That's NEVER.  Period.

Let me suggest, just for one example, that out taxpayers SHOULD NEVER be asked to provide funding IN ANY WAY for what otherwise would be an honest business venture.  The example I would use (for it is VERY common practice) is the scam of using taxpayer funding and/or support to build something to support or house a business,  We have just heard of Google and Amazon using this ploy in scamming taxpayers into supporting their business ventures across our country.

Even a more blatant scam is the building of stadiums.  These are nothing more than scams, very well paying scams I might add but scams nevertheless, being foisted upon our taxpayers by those who are supposed to be representing our citizens, most of which get to pay through our taxes for this foolishness.

Let me ask another couple of questions, I will even provide the obvious answers:

1.  Who are our elected "representatives" elected to represent?


2.  How many votes does a business get?

     Answer:  NONE.  ZIP.  ZERO.

The solution to this is simple.  Those who we elect are there to represent us.  We need to stay in contact with them, and see that they do, in fact, represent us.  When they don't, stop voting for them.  Be aware of what they are doing.  Routinely call them.  If they don't return your calls, then don't vote for them.  If they cannot tell you how they have been representing you, don't vote for them again.  If you see that they are being influenced by lobbyists, don't vote for them.  Business who rely on our taxpayers are scam artists of the first order.  Lobbyists are their tools.  Don't get fooled into believing that experience is important in an elected position.  Their job, their ONLY job, is the represent their constituents.  How long does it take to understand what your constituents want?  This does NOT requite experience, just the patience to know what the people want whom elected.


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