Global Warming: An Inconvenient Lie-A chance for your to Learn and Teach

Since Donald Trump made his announcement today about the Paris Accords, the timing is relevant for you to educate yourselves and other people, including friends and family, and Church Members.

Last December a conference was held in Tempe, AZ which completely covered the arguments that all  American Citizens, PC's and Representatives of our Government need to know. This is the most educational 13 hours that you will ever have a chance to view.  I am presenting a chance here for you to get informed and pass on the truth on this subject matter. For too long many of us have been short of answers in this great debate. Now you can purchase 6 DVD's to own and share and they will  bring you up to date on the subject matter. We have heard many of these speakers before in Phoenix, and we recommend that you purchase the program through and the price goes down per set, on the more sets that you purchase. Take the time and look at the quality of speakers below. Hosea 4:6 can apply to Government too!  God Bless! Mark and Kim

Six DVD's containing the following speaker's and their subject matter. More details on

William Happer-The Real Inconvenient Truth; More CO2 Benefits the Earth

Tim Ball-Global Warming Is the Biggest Deception in History

Willy Soon-Man vs. Sun

Istvan Marko-CO2 Is Not Pollution. It is Our Friend.

Lord Monckton-Global Warming Is a Monstrous Hoax

G. Edward Griffin-Why Do They Deceive?

Patrick Wood-They Call It Science; Global Warming and Technocracy

Holly Swanson-They Call It Education; Global Warming and Political Indoctrination     

Jim Lee-Geoengineering, Weather Modification, and the Weaponization of Nature

Debbie Bacigalupi-They Call It Smart Growth: Global Warming & The Depopulation of Rural America  

Dan Happel-They Call It Green; Global Warming and Agenda-21  

Alex Newman-They Call It News; Global Warming and Propaganda       

Elaine Willman-Native Americans – Pawns in the Agenda-21 game

Michael Shaw-Agenda-21; Bringing the Soviet System to America      


Global warming is a theory with four components:

1. The Earth’s temperature is rising because of human activity, particularly industrial production and personal consumption;    

2. Weather extremes we now experience is more destructive than in the past because of this warming effect;                                                                                                                                           

3. If this trend is not stopped, the planet will soon be unable to sustain human life as we have known it.                                                                       

4. In the name of fighting global warming, governments must control industry and all human activity, must tax energy consumption, and must eliminate private property. (This is seldom mentioned in news articles and school programs aimed at creating anxiety over climate change. However, it always is included in government conferences and reports dealing with proposals for action. This is the prize that motivates the entire agenda.)

The first three components of the global-warming theory are politically motivated myths. The fourth is all-too-real.

Mistakes are one thing. Lies are another. Global Warming; An Inconvenient Lie will prove beyond any reasonable doubt that the theory of man-made global warming is, not merely wrong, but is based on obviously false assumptions and deliberately falsified data – and that makes a huge difference in this debate. Mistakes are one thing. Lies are another. All aspects of our lives now are being planned in accordance with those lies. If this process is not exposed and stopped, our future will be grim. But, that does not need to happen if we act with courage and resolve. Become familiar with the facts in this program, share the DVDs with your friends, and let us change the course of history.                                               

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