Chairman Lines,

I DID ask for the minutes of both the exec meeting and the bylaws meeting on the 17th of June.  I have not seen them, nor a link to them.  If they were recorded, please forward that link as well.
Please advise!

2nd issue:
From what scuttlebutt I hear, the meetings did not go well.  I tried my best to warn you that there was trouble brewing, and outlined my reasons for mistrusting Ms. Petsas.  In that you ignored my observations, you now, are in a fair amount of trouble.

Not sharing member contact information is absolutely a big deal, and I have to believe you understand this concern.  At least you should understand.

If you cannot see your way clear to share contact information with committee members, both exec and bylaws committees, then sir, I will have to retract the statement I made to you in March, when I said I was going to choose to trust you. 

Not sharing such information, not allowing the committees to elect their own chairs, assigning someone else to manage the committees, instead of allowing open discussion to occur, etc., etc., etc., is NOT the way to lead the party.  Unless your purpose is to turn the state over the Democrats, you need to change direction of party leaders.

Our bylaws clearly state:  "The executive committee shall approve the annual budget and review and counsel the state chairman on all programs relating to the state party."

I have been a member of this committee for a couple of years at least.  I have NEVER been part of any state budget review, let alone approval process.  I have to ask, (which I have not done to this point) where were you when ex chair Graham put us $220,000 in debt?  You, sir, were the treasurer!  I need an explanation of just how you managed, with a straight face I might add, to clearly state last March that you were surprised.  I need to understand how that happened, while you were treasurer.  Just how did this happen?  You need to explain.

Further, what exactly was the $220,000 for?  How was it spent, who got those funds?  Apparently, this amount was not included within whatever budget might have been approved by the exec committee, so my next question is who authorized this expenditure?  If, and it does appear that this money was not approved by the executive committee, apparently not even known by you the treasurer no less, per your own statement in March, then are criminal investigations, and perhaps even criminal charges appropriate?

I am very concerned.  If you, as treasurer at the time, was surprised (your words), then what have you done to understand what happened to that apparently misappropriated money?

These are questions that deserve answers.  Should you choose to not respond to my email, I will take that as a sign that you are not interested in explaining how the above happened, and I will assume the worst.  Both about Mr. Graham, and about you and your behavior in these matters.

Please understand that if I don't hear from you with answers to my concerns, I will be forced to assume that you have been part of this whole mess, and that you really don't want to fix any of these things I have mentioned.

The ball is in your court, at least for the moment.  Say 7 days, AT LEAST TO RESPOND directly to me with something more positive than I have seen so far from you or our party leadership.

Seven days and counting,

VERY sincerely,

Russell Sias, Chairman, La Paz County

Russell Sias /span>>

Jun 28 (7 days ago)

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Comment by Jay clagg on October 10, 2017 at 10:26am
I concur,drain the swamp
Comment by Russell Sias on October 10, 2017 at 9:43am

I gave Chairman Lines seven days, with the above letter, to respond, that was on 28 June.  It is now 10 October, and I have heard NOT a single word from Chairman Lines in response to my questions!  Not even a second-hand hint wherein he has bothered to address my concerns or even that he considers those concerns inappropriate for me to be asking.

I am left to believe that he feels no obligation to bother to explain to me, a county chairman, or even to the grass roots folks in OUR party, his reasoning for actions he has taken.  This is, after all, OUR PARTY, at least it is supposed to be!

I do understand that no two people will likely agree on some, or even many issues, and I am okay with not always agreeing with someone.  I am absolutely okay with not agreeing all the time.  We all have the right to different opinions on every issue.  However, no attempt whatsoever to explain or discuss differing procedures, positions, or points of view, I consider extremely rude, and far beneath an elected leader.

What such behavior says to me is that I am supposed to follow without asking any questions about the direction of where the group, OUR PARTY, is going, or  what OUR leadership's intentions actually are.

We keep getting messages from Chairman Lines and others, to recruit, recruit, recruit.  This leads me to another question:  Why?  Recruit people, or should I say sheep, to join the party organization, when we, the people, get ignored, and where  the leadership apparently intentionally chooses not to explain themselves to its members?

Somebody needs to explain to me why I should bother to get anyone else involved in an organization that refuses to explain itself or the direction of its leaders, to its members.

Comment by Jay clagg on October 10, 2017 at 1:01am
Drain the swamp


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