Merry Christmas and Happy New Year To You All!

“If you strive to be a soldier, you will become a General; if you strive to be a monk, you will become the Pope; if you strive to become a painter, you will become a Picasso; if you work the activities to succeed, you will get the results; if you choose to believe, then God will be your greatest endorsement.  I chose to see the vision, and my heart has shown me the way.”


© Linda Brickman. 1991, 2006, 2013.  All Rights Reserved



To All My Friends and Family,


Each year I contemplate what to write to inspire each and every one of you to do what you feel is correct for your spiritual embodiment that will help you realize if you can only help yourself first, before you can be a better person for someone else.  And each year, I am reminded that the only way that we can all share a common feeling of good will, is to share God’s feeling of faith and free will to choose to believe in God’s way of healing the sick, mending the broken, turning obstacles into opportunities, changing building blocks into stepping stones, and most important, keeping faith in our hearts and minds through God’s service.


Each of us have special talents that can motivate those around us whether it is through spirituality, a mental need, a physical desire, or that of community service.  Whatever we can do to create a stronger bond with our brothers and sisters throughout this great Nation, begins with a resolute determination to succeed through communication with the proper message.  It is not the messenger, but the message that is important.


I have written two simple poems I wish to share with you that embraces my love for this Country.  My views herein are non-partisan as we are all God’s children.  As our world was not created in one day, I know the changes we see are not within our power to change overnight.  But, it is within our grasp that we adhere to the rules and guidelines given to us in the two Bibles we have:  Our Holy Scriptures and our U.S. Constitution, both followed and endeared by our Founding Fathers.


May this Christmas season and New Years bring forth the power we have within each one of us to honor our Father by His Commandments and our Founding Fathers by the Amendments given to us all to protect our God, Country and Family.  God Bless our Military and First Responders.  God Bless our Country and the most beautiful piece of art ever created: the American Flag.  With sincere love and devotion to you and our Country,


Linda Brickman



Poem #1.





As Christmas nears, a gift shall appear,

That will warm your heart, and could bring a tear.

A story that’s been told through developing stages,

Has breathed life to many people of all different ages.


It begins with a child that was a first born,

Through a gift of passion, that was delivered by morn.

The love and faith would soon be our gift,

To always give us that extra special lift.


A gift of service would be shared from a friend,

For there’s no beginning, and there’s no end.

To share the visions that we inspire,

Are reminiscent of all that we desire.


This special gift shared by one and all,

That will aid us to rise, when we sense a fall.

The Passion and Commitment to fill a need,

Is combined with purpose to help us succeed.


That gift of service delivered in haste-

Making our life so exciting, there’s not time to waste.

I’ll now start this story with you in mind-

And hopefully these words are well-defined.


The gift of success is sometimes hard to find,

We search and search, and look and look, and stumble like we’re blind.

Some seek beneath the darkened Earth, some search high in the sky,

Some hope that treasures they possess, will be their piece of pie.


On lucky, lucky people who know where the answer lies,

How wonderful, how fortunate, to learn before we die.

That the answer is so simple, if we know but where to look,

That the attitude we carry, won’t be found in any book.


The solitude of memories, the magnitude of cares,

The truth of inner feelings, the silence of our prayers.

The little things we say and do that make each day worthwhile,

The lift we give to others with that extra special smile.


The priceless gift of loving and being loved in return,

The precious act of giving which must be acquired and learned.

The treasure of forgiveness, the sincerity of hope,

The pleasure of accomplishment, the laughter from a joke.


All these things and many more may give you cause to think,

To realize that our success can come from just a wink.

Yes, the secret of achievement, is given through God’s service,

As mixed with passion, desire, and definity of purpose.


Just remember that the gift of service is a transient thing,

Like a rose in full bloom; or a moth on a wing.

Achievement filled with laughter, and sometimes with fear,

Could be around any corner, whether far or quite near.


Success is often spontaneous flavored with cheer,

But still is translucent and blind through any looking mirror.

Accolades given after hard work through activism,

Are Passed to the public showing true patriotism.


I share this story with you my friends,

To pass on to a peer.

The hope and love I share with you,

Is felt throughout the year.



Best wishes for a merry Christmas and happy new year.


Linda Brickman


©Linda Brickman 2005, 2013.  All Rights Reserved.



Poem #2:





A holiday wish with you in mind

That is shared with much compassion.

Of words and thoughts I’d like to express

To all with so much passion.


The message is strong with a sincere belief

That when we learn god’s way

The love and hope that we possess

Will be his gift this day.


To live each day as if the last-

For every moment goes much too fast.

To give a hand and touch a soul-

To shoot for the moon and reach our goal.

To know a friendship lasts forever-

Even when we are not always together.

To forgive and forget at times of pain-

Knowing that there’s much to gain.

To appreciate the magnitude-

Of life’s many pleasures with gratitude.

To dream a dream and fantasize-

To only wake up and realize—

That the love we share with all of you,

Should be held and cherished your whole life through.


Always have faith and treasure your dreams

For life is not always what it seems.

Just trust your heart and always believe

That all your wishes you can achieve.


If you hold your head up toward the sky

God will give you wings to fly.

If you open the windows and open your door

Your eagle spirit will help you soar.


Just remember that life is a journey

Much like a ship at sea-

That with a guided destination

Your goals you’ll reach with little hesitation.


As this Christmas passes like the rest-

Keep your family close to the nest.

For on the 25th of December,

Your family dreams you will want to remember.


Happy holidays from the brickman’s,

Linda, bob, Sam and brennan,

We wish you prosperity, love and cheer-

From this day forward and all through the year.



© Linda Brickman 2005, 2009, 2013.  All Rights Reserved.



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