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I have recently stated that Mueller (and the Media) have broken the Democrat’s hearts.  Obviously, they were willing dupes, but nonetheless…  Two years of the daily anticipation of the demise of the Trump Administration has been shattered on the rocks of the Russian Collusion and/or Obstruction Report, itself.  A cataclysmic failure produced by the revelation -- “We did not find anything, certainly not anything that could, by the thinnest possible thread, be used to even suggest an indictment.”  (Don’t forget, even the worst prosecuting attorney can get a ham sandwich indicted by grand jury.)

With even less-than-nothing left to hang on to, the Democrats, with their future dreams crushed, have decided that there’s a legitimate difference between “finding nothing” and “not finding something.”

Those of us that still have a modicum of respect for the few remaining honest and ethical members of the FBI, know that “finding nothing” means that we have searched every possible place and there is NOTHING TO BE FOUND because it does not exist.  

On the other hand, the Democrats who placed their complete confidence in the “Mueller Investigation,” want to believe instead that SOMETHING was there that COULD BE FOUND, but it wasn’t.  Depending on which Democrat you talk to, SOMETHING wasn’t found because; A) Trump obstructed the investigators, B) the investigators were corrupt, or C) the investigators are incompetent.

Therefore, the Democrats are going to investigate the investigators.  Democrats believe that their Congressional investigators are more competent than FBI investigators.  “With all this horse manure, there HAS TO BE a pony in here somewhere…”

In this coming week, we are promised access to the “complete” (well, “properly” redacted) Mueller Investigation Report.  I agree with Congressman Trey Gowdy (Rep, Dist4, R-SC) in that, in ALL other investigations that do not result in an indictment for illegal activities, all of the records produced in the investigation are closed and sealed to prohibit access to anything that may prove harmful to the investigated target in ways other than legal.

It is also likely that Attorney General Barr and Special Counsel Mueller, in an attempt to preserve the mystery of their investigative methods and procedures (read “entrapment”), maintain the security of the classified information revealed from interviews, and keep confidential the personal but not illegal information, as indicated above, there will be far too many redactions to reveal the absolute truth that was revealed.  Both sides will take irrefutable positions on the results.  Neither side can be proved and neither side can be refuted.  And that, ladies and gentlemen, will simply perpetuate the issue.  The incessant drumbeat will be sustained in the Democrat campaign to nullify Trump’s election to the presidency (you can’t forget that “power of the press).

As badly as the Democrats craved and expected some kind of conviction of Trump, the Republicans also crave and expect dramatic exposure and conviction of “All the Deep State Players” who instigated and/or participated in the attempted Coup-de-tat.  The Republicans desire the highly publicized arrest, prosecution, and maximum penalties and imprisonment imposed on the obvious suspects; Bill & Hillary, Obama, Comey, Lynch, Holder, Rice, Strzok, McCabe, Brennan, Page, Clapper, ad nauseam (in no particular order, and my apologies for omissions).  They are as excited and anticipatory as any Democrat has been toward President Trump’s destruction.  “Let’s get those “Sun-on-the-beaches!”

There is, however, a very high likelihood that no matter how much the report reveals and damns those responsible for the entire fiasco, nothing, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, will come from the report’s release or any additional investigations that stem from it.

You read it here first, folks.  I repeat:


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Comment by Patricia Gillenwater on April 18, 2019 at 12:03am

The dems are sure to ratchet up they are desperate but it's their desperation that has exposed the fraud they are. 

If any of those engaged in the coup are prosecuted it most likely will be the lower hanging fruit. One can only hope that they do not take kindly to that and would sing like a canary to implicate the ones at the top.

Very good piece you produced Terry.

Going to be brutal until election 2020.

Make Them Cry Again 2020.

Comment by Barbara Smith on April 17, 2019 at 10:16pm

TRUTH!  Since we know the corruption is sooo inbedded those who are really guilty, will most likely 

go to their graves thinking they got away with something!  NOT!


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