There are four main steps that should be taken to nullify the Affordable Care Act on a state level. While each one of these steps alone won’t result in a nullification of the act nationally, they’re all an important piece of the puzzle. An act of resistance in one state leads to courage and doing the same in another. At the same time, some courageous types might get the notion that they can turn it up a notch and take a stronger stand in their state than you have in yours.

States have always held the prerogative of whether or not they will enforce or participate in federal acts or regulatory programs.  This legislative package seeks to ban the state from enforcing or assisting in the enforcement of the federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010.  It also seeks to ban the State, along with all its political subdivisions, from operating or participating in the operation of a health care exchange under the federal act.  It also provides for penalties for violations of the act.

Tenth Amendment - Nullify Obama care in AZ

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Comment by Shirly Waller on August 28, 2014 at 12:45pm

law was passed so late in the session we had little time to pass petitions to put it on the ballot so VOTERS could yea or nay it.  Almost enough signatures were gathered but "almost" doesn't count in an election issue.  This is a very unpopular law and would most certainly been voted out if it appeared on a ballot.  This is a spending expenditure that will ensure that our state will go further into debt.  AZ was forced to sell our State House for needed funds; schools and communities have been denied needed state tax money and we do not have a balanced budget in the foreseeable future. 

Voters voted for a temporary increase to the state sales tax to give more money to teachers.  However, we found that little of that increase was added to teachers paychecks.   When the "temporary" increase was put on the ballot to make it permanent the voters said "no."  Not "no" to increasing teachers income but "no" to the increased tax money not being added to the teachers paychecks. 

Some AZ citizens need monetary aid to help with medical costs.  We would all vote yea, right.  How about a young single person with no children?  Currently the state cannot even ask these recipients to do any public service to receive this aid because of restrictions from the Federal government.  The current law ignores the financial condition of our state.  We are being "nudged" onto a path that will end up with all control taken from the state and the Feds will tell us what to do and how to do it.  This is a perfect example of federal dictates spending state money.  We must share this story in all possible venues to protect America as we know it.



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