By Bill Sandry

The old guard media has tried so hard to maintain its monopoly and control of information that it has prostrated itself on behalf of the Democrat Party, Barak Obama and now Hillary Clinton.  The unsurpassed degree of covering up for this President, his administration and Hillary is now a national security threat.  

It was bad enough that the Press-titutes have completely ignored that the man holding the highest office in the land got there using three forged documents each of which are felonies.  No one has produced any evidence to dispute this fact.  Can you imagine what they would have done to Nixon for that? 

Speaking of Nixon, no one died when he covered up a beak-in to find out what the Democrat Party campaign strategy was.  It did not involve a dereliction of duty by the Commander in Chief, fraud to gain office, or put national security at risk; much less what appears to be a deliberate decision that 4 Americans were expendable and to allow their murders without using the many resources that we now know were available to assist in their defense and rescue.  Someone decided to let them die.  WHO? WHY?

Where is the outrage by the Press-titutes that are supposed to “speak truth to power”?  Where are the investigative reporters and the calls for impeachment?  He has violated our Constitution and laws innumerable times. The Press-titutes are in the same political corner they went to with the cover-up for Fast and Furious that resulted in the murders of two more Americans. 

History has demonstrated that the media has chosen to become the Press-titutes for the DNC and in particular Barak Hussein Obama.  They didn’t even point out that - when he addressed the UN he falsely and knowingly claimed 6 times that Benghazi was the result of a video that no one saw. If we are to believe the media coverage, apparently he was wearing his Shadda ring proclaiming “The only true God is Allah” on his wedding ring finger during the speech.

Evidently our new military leaders, that are apparently advanced on their politics and not merit, do not believe in the American motto to Never Leave and Man Behind.   I know from personal experience we do.

This election is no different. We now have the Press-titutes following what appears to be the wish of their Johns that own 90% of the media – to supporting a candidate that has obviously and blatantly engaged in criminal conduct. Director Comey made those facts patently obvious. But the Press-titutes will not report the facts. Several newspapers, that had a reputation for investigative reporting and holding a conservative position to protect our Bill of Rights, commonly referred to as Civil Rights, have been acquired by the oligarchy known as the big six that control our media. Since their acquisition they have abandoned their historical community based American philosophical roots and are now on board with the other Press-titutes in supporting the party that established institutional racism over individual liberty. We need to break up the media cartel of Press-titutes so we can receive all the facts and different views in the opinion pages.

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