Although my vast research sources and massive data checking organizations have yet to compile the totality of their findings into something less than 3,956 pages of non-opinionated, detailed, and factual information, I am compelled to present my irrefutable findings regarding the Special Prosecutor’s Investigation into the “Russian Interference into the U.S. Election Process.”


The result to which we have arrived may be accepted as ontologically certain, is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help us (me), God.  Ergo:


The Russian’s meddled in the U. S. election process.  Who gives a (^@*& ?


Their attempts to meddle have been successful in every national election since, probably, 1945 or so.  Their meddling has occurred in many state-wide elections, and even in some local elections.  The only changes in their meddling since that time have been the continuous expansion and the ease with which they can accomplish it.  But, to entertain the idea that their intentions were, to a measurable degree, successful, would require, as they say, the willful suspension of disbelief.


Therefore, the Special Prosecutor’s investigation should not focus on IF meddling occurred.  Instead, it should be attempting to identify the extent to which the “meddling” altered the distributed number of votes received by each candidate.  And then, answer the question, “IF the numbers of votes were altered, did they in any way change the outcomes of those elections?”


Which leads to the inevitable conclusion, “Meh.”


I think we have technical proof that not one single recorded vote was added, changed, or deleted at the hands of Russian agents or actions.  Votes did not suddenly appear, out of thin air, and thereby reverse the selection made by the people.  Nor is there evidence that votes cast for one candidate by the people ended up in the opposing candidate’s total.  I suppose there is an outside possibility that IF the Russians did delete a significant number of legitimate votes, the absence of those votes was quickly made up and overcome by the standard Democrat voting processes, you know, hanging chads, ballots found in school janitor closets, stacks of “mislabeled” mail-in ballots, and the like.  Can’t fault the Russians there.


Of course, there is the ability to affect election outcomes by controlling the voter process.  Steps can be taken to deny voters their access to the process, voter suppression, to prevent the ideology of certain voters from getting recorded.  Or, one could assist voters to get to multiple polling places to allow them to cast their ballots multiple times.  Both of those methods are pretty risky and require Boris, Yuri, and Svetlana to step out into the light of day, exposing their wrongdoing (not to mention, again, competing with the Democrats).  No evidence exists that suggests the Russians used those tactics  


That leaves only one way for the Russians to interfere with our elections.  That would be for them to participate in the campaign FOR or AGAINST (quite often both) specific candidates, or political party positions and try to influence voters.  The best they could do was to “publish” facts or fiction about people and ideas.  The problem with that is there is no guarantee that their participation actually changed minds.  Of course, there is abundant evidence that they, indeed, conducted “operations” to try to accomplish just that.  Facts indicate that those “operations” were generally balanced both for/against specific candidates and for/against political positions.  By playing both sides, their motive or intent was, most likely, to put doubt in the minds of ALL Americans regarding the various political positions, the competency of every candidate, and, hopefully, in the election process as a whole.


The biggest problem with THAT Russian interference is…  it was totally unnecessary.  We do those exact same things to ourselves, in every election!  There is absolutely no need for Russian assistance.  We lie about candidates, for and against.  We lie about issues, for and against.  Democrats cheat and see voter suppression everywhere they don’t hold a majority.  Republicans see voting and counting irregularities everywhere, whether it is there or not.  Our election process is always in question. (Even though the real problem is that the people we elect immediately abandon the positions we elected them to uphold).


So all of this Russian interference, angst, and renting and tearing of clothes is really nothing more than a euphemism for arguing about the 2016 election outcome.  Some people don’t like it, others defend it, never the twain shall meet.  The Russians never presented a double-twisting, half-inverted, cross-back, knuckle curve, psychic whammy on the American public, but one side of the political aisle is trying to squeeze every drop out of it to overthrow the election (read “government” as we know it).


It all serves only one purpose – create circumstances that can only end in anarchy because anarchy creates a void that invariably is filled by a dictatorship or oligarchy.  So what if we have to have a little tyranny once in a while, someone in Washington needs to be in charge, TOTALLY IN CONTROL.


So, tell me again, what is the difference between “winning and losing” the Russian Interference Investigation?  I think “nothing.”  Either way, we all lose.  The best solution is simply to declare it over and unresolved.  Claim “no controlling legal authority.”  (Thank you, Al Gore.)

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Comment by Patricia Gillenwater on December 21, 2018 at 11:46pm

Meddling is a common practice of nations in swaying elections of another country. The USA is not without sin on this. The O admin meddled in the election period in Israel with the goal of defeating Netanyahu.

The folks who Russia has been able to influence in the USA is the left-wing. Russia and Soros bad dudes brothers in the same  pea pod.

The USA hacks other nations as they do us. 

Comment by Theo Fsm on December 21, 2018 at 9:33am

If you hack into private servers illegally and then, with the assistance of others (including the beneficiary) utilize the information that you've obtained to influence the mindset of voters, that forms a criminal conspiracy grounded in the illegal hacking.  It matters not whether the information actually sways the mindset of voters.  The information was obtained criminally.

If you rob a bank with an empty vault with no money, does that absolve you from bank robbery? 

You cannot drive a car you know to be stolen and then say well I didn't steal it, I just drove it around.  You are charged with possession of the stolen property and possible implicated on grand larceny auto also depending on the level of complicity.

Comment by Larry Grafanakis on December 20, 2018 at 11:36pm

Didn't the Saudi's fund 25% of The Witch's campaign.  Doesn't that count as meddling? 


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