Senator Dr. KELLI WARD 2016 U.S. Senate candidate: half-truths or outright lies?

Arizona State Senator Kelli Ward’s late in coming two week notice of resignation on December 2, 2015 equates to pure selfishness (view) at the expense of representation for her District 5 constituents. Waiting until the last minute Ward’s replacement missed out on being able to participate in PRE 2016 Legislative Session Bill writing activities, as well as the opportunity to vet and develop alliances with other Law Makers during the four months (Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec) of the preceding year of the coming 2016 Legislation Session that convenes on the second Monday in January 2016.

Silly, Ward asserting her RESIGNATION as TIMELY, sillier stating it’s to the advantage of her District 5 Constituents (view): “It is not fair to my constituents to stay in and try to do a job half way, and I’ve seen to many politicians try and hold onto that ‘TITLE’ for just a little bit longer and not serve their constituents well. John McCain’ one of them and when he ran for president he really was not representing Arizona he was um he was not there he was not present and that wasn’t fair to us and I don’t want to do that to my constituents….. “ (half-truth).

Well represented…” would have been State Senator Ward resigning in April 2015 right after the Fifty-second Legislature – First Regular Session ended or was that ‘TITLE’ worth holding onto just a little bit longer?

In 2010 when JD Hayworth ran against John McCain he summed up perfectly what voters should be paying attention to concerning election of representatives. Speaking to the Grande Valley Republican’s Women Club on June 4, 2010 JD said “a half-truth is a full distortion” in other words it’s the little details that give voters insight into a candidate’s character… alliances, their moral fabric liking Rhetoric versus Record.


U.S. Senate 2016 incumbent John McCain challenger Kelli Ward Arizona further insults her Constituent’s and intelligence of Arizona voters in this December 14, 2015 BREITBART.COM (view), “EXCLUSIVE: Kelli Ward Discusses Leaving AZ Senate to Challenge John McCain Statewide: When Ward was asked “Why is she stepping down on Dec. 15?” she responded “I wanted to give the process for filling my seat a chance to work out so that Mohave County will have a chance to remain well represented in the Arizona Senate. The elected precinct committeemen will select three and those three that will go to the county board of supervisors and I believe they will be meeting December 26.” (half-truth)


Second chance at “well represented…”  would have been resigning in July 2015 when State Senator District 5 Kelli Ward officially announced she was challenging John McCain but NOPE she’s going hold “onto that ‘TITLE’ for just a little bit longer.”


Same BREITBART.COM (view), Ward: “I’ve seen too many people take on a run like this neglect the people they vowed to serve. I’ve seen John McCain do this. The people need full time representation in Phoenix. And these last few months have shown me that there’s no way I could serve the people and focus well on this intense campaign.” (half-truth)


Kelli Ward, We The People, District 5 Constitutions’ and at large State Voters are wondering how you could possibly believe we believe you didn’t know “that there’s no way I could serve the people” last April or July? It took YOU five (5) months in the PRE Session, till December… that is you didn’t have any inclination what it would take to challenge McCain? You want us to vote for you? You say you “want to put AZ in DC not DC in AZ” when you sound and act like DC?  Must be that ‘TITLE’ thing?


Got to agree with the Pima County Republican Club Presenter “… and with full confidence in her ability she earned her BS, of course BS…… “ (view)  

Again “well represented…” would have been resigning in April when the 2015 Legislative Session ended, or July when State Senator Ward officially announced that she was challenging incumbent John McCain. Nope going to hold that “TITLE’ a little bit longer despite making no mention of her State Senator ‘TITLE’ in her announcement with that “”Dr. Kelli Ward”” backdrop that has intent written all over it (view): “Hi everybody, oh my gosh this is amazing thank you guys for weathering this hot room ah and this crowd to be here for tonight as you all know I am Dr. Kelli Ward a proud mom, a physician, a military wife, and yes I am running for the United States Senate…” (half-truth by omission)


What Wards announcement speech and behaviors does is debunk the Freudian-slip thingy(view)


We The People needed SENATOR Kelli Ward’s replacement representing us beginning August or September not the end of December. Don’t you think the District 5 Constituent’s at the least deserved seating of Ward’s replacement months prior to the 2016 Session convening January 11, 2016?


The ‘TITLE’ thingy, as with any sitting State Legislator House or Senate bestows unfettered access to statewide GOP County, Legislative District, Clubs and Group meetings and events where….. . The ‘TITLE’ also opens doors on a national level not enjoyed by other non-elected challengers to incumbents so indeed a ‘TITLE’ means having a POLITICAL advantage that Ward took advantage at the expense of her Constituents like a true seasoned DC player, so much for taking DC out of AZ when she is just more of the same.


Speaking of more of the same, it’s the little details like why is Arizona State Senator and U.S. Senate incumbent challenger “”DR. KELLI WARD”” getting away with refusing to attend any GOP County, LD, Clubs, Groups and Tea Party Forums with other John McCain challengers?


Answer is twofold: Kelli Ward is refusing as she knows Clair Van Steenwyk will expose her unconstitutional votes. And her former Republican State Senator cohorts will be sitting in the room where they will be exposed for voting for the same unconstitutional legislation. None want to be in the same room as Van (view). She and the other constitutionally compromised Senators have proven who is in charge which is the GOP bosses. Kowtowing to them is the required qualifier to prove you are worthy of moving up the political ladder – for your outstanding subserviency YOU HAVE BEEN APPROVED to proceed.


So when did Arizona Senator Kelli Ward know she was going to resign her State Senate seat to focus full time on her campaign to challenge sitting U.S. Senator John McCain in 2016? April at end of Session, July making her official announcement to run, September 15, 2015 where the Presenter for the Pima County Republican Club introduced Dr. Kelli Ward reading from a prepared introduction (view); “Our speaker today is Dr. Kelli Ward…….. is also Senator Kelli Ward and she wears both hats skillfully……. (looking up at Ward for clarification) ‘what does that mean?’ …….. and with full confidence in her ability she earned her BS, of course BS…….. there is little question that our Dr. Kelli Ward is definitely the right medicine to cure Arizona’s ill’s please welcome……      Dr. Kelli Ward….”  (half-truth’s)

Tillmann News Information Published on Sep 16, 2015
Arizona State Senator Kelli Ward speaks at the Pima County Republican Club

‘TITLE’ of video “Arizona State Senator Kelli Ward…” but introduced as “Dr. Kelli Ward”. Clearly the Pima County Presenter was reading the introduction that Senator Ward… ahem… Dr. Ward wrote, when he got hung up on the “BS” part that Ward clarified (listen for her voice, she has a laugh in there as well) from off camera from his right, the same direction he looks several times as if wondering if he’s reading it right, and from where she approached the podium. Kelli Ward a sitting Arizona State Senator for District 5 and 2016 Primary Candidate for U.S. Senate wanting to be introduced as “Dr. Kelli Ward” not Arizona State Senator Dr. Ward. After all it is exactly two and half months or 84 days before her December 2nd announcement that she is resigning her State Senate seat effective December 15, 2015. Just a politician playing both sides of the ‘TITLE’ game… “for just a little bit longer”.


“BS” Kelli Ward, you left the State Senate back in April keeping the ‘TITLE’ for the Prestige and Privileges that come with it on the campaign trail that exceeds qualifying as “a half-truth is a full distortion”. Then Ward plays the “Kelli with an I because I care about the people” card: “I wanted to give the process for filling my seat a chance to work out so that Mohave County will have a chance to remain well represented in the Arizona Senate.” (view)

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Comment by Michael Alexander on January 11, 2016 at 9:10am

Joe... So now you're adding an elitist's "They don't know what's good for them" attitude to your already insulting condescension? You should stop while you're...uh... behind.

If Clair doesn't step in here soon and at least attempt to distance himself from your increasingly offensive and unneccessarily divisive remarks, he'd better hire someone to sit down and count all the votes... that he's losing.

Comment by Joe Danielek on January 11, 2016 at 7:12am

Nicoll, if the truth is an agenda I’m guilty, Ward was less than truthful about hanging onto her TITLE as well as the same for other issues, and of course District 5 constituents are pleased with the process that took place 8 months late – what choice did you/they have for meaningful representation stating today January 11, 2016? It will be interesting to watch what the current Legislative Session brings in the way of correcting the constitutional messes and conflicts of current statutes she and others created last Session. As for Clair Van Steenwyk the perennial candidate, he’s not a quitter just as others in the past who served us well. 

Comment by Nan M Nicoll PC Mohave Mesa 02 on January 10, 2016 at 10:44pm

Well said Tom.  I am a p.c. in Mohave County and am a state committeeman for several years.  Kelli is a good candidate with an excellent background and an exceptional knowledge of our Constitution which many candidates do not have.  She will be an excellent senator and serve us well. Clair is always running for office. He should try something else for a change.

Comment by Nan M Nicoll PC Mohave Mesa 02 on January 10, 2016 at 10:39pm

Sounds like you have not done your homework. District 5 constituents are pleased with the process that took place to select a qualified State Senator.  I was at the meeting.. I know. 

What is your beef? No one would go so far out of their way to make a case that isn't there unless they have a hidden agenda.

Comment by Joe Danielek on January 10, 2016 at 5:53pm

Thank you for answering my questions Morrissey, 

Alexander – there are those out there that can’t think for themselves. Perhaps one shouldn’t judge the content of a book by its cover.      

Comment by Michael Alexander on January 10, 2016 at 4:30pm

Joe... if Clair is as eloquent as you say, then you should do him a favor and allow him to write his own promotional posts... or at the very least, let him edit yours. Someone once said that brevity is the soul of wit, and the first rule of good swordsmanship is that you can only ruin a good point by running it into the ground.

Comment by Tom Morrissey on January 10, 2016 at 3:50pm

Joe Danielek and Pat J, as I said I support Kelli and feel she is conservative and worthy of my support.  You have your issues with her and they apparently mean enough to you that you don't support her.  I respect that. I respect Alex and Claire, for having the courage to run.  My point remains that tearing apart any one of these fine people only gives aid and comfort to the opposition and could be impetus for keeping good conservatives from running in future campaigns.  Might help to keep in mind who the enemy is, and more importantly, who the enemy isn't.

PS I was and remain a BIG supporter of Diane Douglas too.

Comment by Joe Danielek on January 10, 2016 at 3:22pm

>>>Agree mrac, can’t imagine Ward as a US Senator either…

>>>Morrissey, Ward represents more of the same as John McCain. Would it be a travesty to ignore Ward’s record, allow it it go unchecked, unnoticed, unspoken? Do you have an explanation why she didn’t resign in April, July or August? With your experience do you think her saying she “… wanted to give the process for filling my seat a chance to work out so that Mohave County will have a chance to remain well represented in the Arizona Senate.” Is genuine given her timing? Or is it more political doublespeak – more of the same?...

>>>It is indeed pathetic that one must resort to monotony of the obvious?...

>>>Yes it is “terrible information” if I was Ward or a supporter I wouldn’t want to hear it either!...

>>>Van is knowledgeable and knows how to verbalize that knowledge extremely well. He also knows what a good or bad deal looks like and has the moxie to call a spade a spade. Those who have known him for years also know he has never changed his positions, so as far as having the same positions as Meluskey or Ward, he was there before Alex moved to Arizona and before Ward was ever elected. You want representation in DC, someone who can’t be bullied – elect Clair Van Steenwyk…

>>>Yes the name is familiar – JPD should ring a bell as well for some. I’ll do fine here on AFA and no, Van hasn’t put me up to anything.

>>>Meluskey isn’t a serious candidate, self-funded, did say he will pull if he doesn’t reach donation goal, what better way to kill your campaign by announcing such.


Guts – conservative – that would be Van for the very reason most don’t like him… he doesn’t care who doesn’t like the truth. 

Comment by Pat J on January 10, 2016 at 2:10pm

@Tom Morrissey: I don't like this post, either, don't think it is constructive and somehow think Van Steenwyck put him up to this.  I agree with you about the current race being about issues but it is also about the person's values and character and what makes them tick. I never thought JD had a chance and a better candidate might have done better.  I don't agree that Ward is the better candidate or even a good candidate. Yes, we should be debating the issues but you can't get Ward to debate, period. Why would we support a candidate who won't show up to debate issues with her challengers? Besides, I'm bone tired of liberals and moderates and I want a real doggone conservative candidate with guts and that's not Ward.  It just isn't.

Comment by Pat J on January 10, 2016 at 2:01pm

This author's name is familiar.  Is he the one that we see on facebook ripping up people?  If so, he won't last long on this site.  But back to Ward.  Here is my problem with her: she orchestrated the bill to remove authority from School Superintendent Douglas to make decisions for the state's schools, and then pretended it wasn't really her.  She lied for months saying she was the only challenger to McCain knowing full well that Alex Meluskey had filed in January, months before she did. If she didn't know that, then she's not very bright.  Some of her early votes were anything but conservative.  She refuses to appear with any of the other candidates so we the people can compare them and only appears where people won't question her too hard.  If she can't stand up to Van Steenwyck and Melusky, you think she can stand up to McConnell?  I agree that Van Steenwyck seems well informed but he runs for something, anything, every election cycle. That's not a serious candidate.  I keep hoping Schweikert will get in but even then, would Ward step out?  Because she's been asked if she would step out if necessary to get down to one candidate and she wouldn't answer.  Meluskey was asked and he said if he's in no position to win at a certain point, he would step out because getting rid of McCain is what the conservatives want and need. Reminds me of the two women in the Bible who claimed the same baby and how Soloman handled that.  Looks to me like Ward would just divide up that baby and lose it totally.


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