The sky is falling!  The sky is falling!  OMG the Government is shut down!!!  What will we do?  We’re all going to die!  It’s the end of the world!  We’ll be invaded!!!  Veterans will die!  People will go hungry!!  Planes will blow up!  Crops will fail!  The sun will explode!

Are you personally affected by the “Government Shutdown?”  I am certainly not the tiniest bit concerned.  Actually, my outlook is great and my general demeanor is exceptionally upbeat!  I find myself humming the Beatles hit tune “Let it Be” but thinking the words “Shut ‘er down.” 

Obviously, the media wants us to believe it will be all the calamities listed above, and more.  Why?  Because when one has no legitimate, logical argument, one must distract with fear and doubt.  The boogie man is coming.

We all know that the Liberal, Socialist, Left redefines words to their agenda.  When they say “shut down,” they think “not operating at its maximum capacity.”  But what they want us to hear is the traditional meaning of “completely inoperable, stopped.”  So they do, and we do…

Have you ever looked at what a government “shut down” really means?  The technical definition is that the House, the holder of the government’s purse strings, must approve (perhaps “release” would be easier to understand) the actual spending of the money, BEFORE it may be spent.  They also “bracket” time-frame during which the money may be spent – not before such and such date and not after such and such date.  That is what is causing the shutdown issue we are having today. 

Obviously, the people we elect are currently too busy conducting the business of government that they cannot be bothered with conducting the business of government.  Over the years they have broken the budgeting and appropriating process into pieces.  The various agencies and departments have been separated into groups, to spread the task out so the poor representatives don’t have work so hard all at one time.  That allows them to argue the budget/appropriation process throughout the year in smaller pieces.  (Not to mention, they will ALWAYS having some part of the process handy to enable a “shut down” like this one at any time they want one.)  Right now, some of those littler pieces have reached the ends of their appropriated spending time.  If they have money, they have run out of time, and if they have time, they have run out of money.  Their spending has “expired.”  Not for all of them, but for some of them.

You now know what has happened to create the current end-of-the-world and life-as-we-know-it catastrophe we call Government Shutdown.

“So what?” you ask.  And I would answer, “Exactly.”

It may disappoint you to know that this process, although it is immoral, outrageous, unmanageable, filled with graft and collusion, and susceptible to untraceable corruption, it is one of the few enumerated duties of the Federal Government found in the Constitution that our government actually does.

What it is and (generally) how it works is actually one of the checks and balances of our form of government.  The fact that it happens should NOT strike fear into the hearts of We The People.  To the contrary.  It should comfort us to know that the government is working as designed.  If there is something of significance and/or importance within this interruption, we can trust that it will eventually get resolved.

So, let’s talk about this current end-of-the-world life-threatening “shut down.”  What government activities, services, or problem-solving are actually being stopped because they ran out of time or money?

There are two answers to that question.  One, you won’t like, and the other one is incomplete. 

Our Federal Government is truly SO VAST, the first answer is, “Nothing.”  If the government wants to do something or have something done, there is no person, no process, nothing that can stop it.  If it cannot be done by the organization currently doing it, it will be assigned to a different organization.  Whatever it takes.

But the second answer is even worse.  If there is an advantage to the government to stop doing something or having something done (temporarily) it will suddenly become a part of a (dun, dun, dunnnnn) Government Shutdown. Here is what is in the current shutdown:  (Please excuse my editorial comments.)

  • Delaying the processing of new applicants to Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid (all other SS, M, and M operations are NOT affected)
  • The Postal Service (Neither rain, nor sleet, nor government shutdown… but wouldn’t THAT be a PERFECT place to suspend operations for a while?)
  • Food Stamps (except they are covered through February, at least, so nothing immediately)
  • SOME TSA agents are calling in sick (they are actually considered “essential” employees, but they risk temporarily working on “deferred pay.” In response, some are saying, “If you aren’t going to pay me Friday, I ain’t working today.”  Kinda says something about their dedication to such a worthwhile job, eh?  --  Then again, in fairness, if they are working paycheck-to-paycheck…?)
  • The Federal Judiciary will remain open and will continue until at least January 18th. (That makes me ask where are the funds from all of those filing fees, court fees, fines, penalties, etc. that do not require appropriation, go?  Is there a pocket someplace?  They are responsible for their own accounting for those revenues…  just sayin’.)
  • National Parks, Museums will have to halt “many” of their responsibilities in maintaining the facilities and managing their other services (As you know, that does NOT include the Grand Canyon. Us Arizona’s are going to pay that bill.  Otherwise, talk about poster-children…  I understand that Democrats in Washington DC are bringing their garbage to work and throwing it in the parks, museums, and National moments, just emphasize and “enhance” the harm a shutdown does… seriously folks?)
  • IRS – YIKES! They plan to furlough lots and lots of non-specific numbers of IRS  personnel, at least until the tax season starts to rev up.  They have also threatened to disrupt filing dates but say refund checks will be handled without delays.  (Of course, you may have noticed they are reporting that there is absolutely NO INTERRUPTION in tax withholding to be blamed on the shutdown…
  • The State Department announced that passport and visa processing may be disrupted if that state department process is located in another department or agency facility that must be closed down

I am sure there are other impacts from other activities, but this list supposedly includes all of the significant problems associated with THIS shutdown.  Can we do it, folks?  Can we cinch up our belts and overcome the hardship caused by all of these issues?  Can we survive the daily threats to our well-being, nay, our lives resulting from the incessant attacks?

Conspicuously absent are the things that are ABSOLUTELY NOT AFFECTED by the shutdown, such as:

  • Veteran Benefits and Hospitals
  • Military personnel and spending, and,
  • (wait for it…) … The Mueller Investigation

These areas are significant because they can be more easily be blown out of proportion and are more useful in tugging at our sensibilities and our hearts.  The Mueller Investigation?  Really?

My list of likely places that money could be saved doesn’t look anything like the old standard targets.  Why don’t we shut down some of these “other” departments or agencies?  A few that come to mind:

  • Education Department  (Now there's a lesson for you...)
  • Commerce Department  (How many pies should they have their fingers in, anyway?)
  • Energy Department  (Thank you Jimmy Carter.  Forty years of absolutely nothing but interfering regulations)
  • Labor Department  (Just the waste from OSHA would save the country billions)
  • Treasury Department  (Instrumental in One World Order and Making EVERYONE rich -- except We The People)
  • The National Endowment for the Arts (NPR?  A crucifix in a bottle of urine?)
  • EPA 
  • BLM
  • CIA
  • NSA
  • BIA
  • (and all the other places defined by 1286 permutations of the alphabet -- if you have three letters, the government will throw money at you)

All in all, I really see no reason to react in any way to the government shutdown.  I say, “Ride this pony until she drops.”

The President calls Congress a bunch of lying hypocrites and Congress says the President is just throwing a tizzy-fit.

They are BOTH acting like petulant children only to gain OUR attention and, thereby draw us to their support.

The issue is the wall.  The shutdown is simply a diversionary tactic. 

Resolving the shutdown will not protect our freedom, our sovereignty, or our safety, but building a wall will go a LONG way.

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Comment by Barbara Stockwell on January 14, 2019 at 6:09pm

Excellent article. Thank you!  I totally agree about the alphabet agencies.  None are mandated by the Constitution.

Comment by Bruce M Piepho on January 14, 2019 at 8:44am

Brilliant.  I could not provide and have not seen any better analysis of government waste and media driven fake news.  The only shut down that would serve America better would be the closing of ABC, CBC, NBC, CNN, MSNBC and some of FOX News as well as most of FOX Business News.

I just watched a recording of the Sunday night edition of  Life, Liberty and Levin analysis of the Russian collusion since WW I and the media bias through the 1930s, 1940s to today.  The Rules for Radicals is being applied with the fear mongering, sky is falling mantra under the disguise of deflection.

"We the People" must wake up.  Reports are filtering out the Democrats/progressives/socialists/communists are attempting to amend the U.S. Constitution to eliminate the Electoral College.  Thus the National Popular Vote compact movement apparently is not moving fast enough to destroy America as a Republic.

The long list Terry provide are parts of the federal government that should be permanently shut down.  The issue is not the wall.  The issue is not Trump.

The issue is the democrats want to first take America to full democracy, then socialism, then a dictatorship and finally to a Mao like communist country within the global government of tyranny.

The issue is defending Life, Liberty, Freedom and the U.S. Constitution.  Hopefully, the democrats are digging their own grave.

Comment by john powelson on January 14, 2019 at 12:41am

This is on the Democrats regardless what they want anyone to think. As Mr. Limbaugh said the other day the House has not sent any spending bill to the Senate yet nor tried to even discuss the matter beyond the usually rhetoric, lies, that it isn't their fault. If they don't send it there is nothing to pass or reject in the first place since all spending must start in the house.

Comment by Barbara Stockwell on January 13, 2019 at 5:20pm

Well put, Terry Rapp!  I totally agree with you.   Most of the government agencies just absorb money that could be better used elsewhere.  Most have no Constitutional reason for being and deal with issues which were left to the States.

Comment by Myrna Lieberman on January 13, 2019 at 5:12pm

Keep it shut and G-d give our President Trump continued strength, courage and wisdom to protect our country

Comment by Larry Grafanakis on January 13, 2019 at 5:02pm

Shut it down and keep it shut down.  Maybe with no food stamps, people will have some incentive to get off their as_ and get a job.  Maybe without all the welfare money, illegal immigrants will think twice about invading America.


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