Wouldn’t it be interesting if science found that the dramatic increase in the types and severity of cancer and other “modern,” life-threatening, and debilitating diseases were the result of the eradication of common childhood or relatively inconsequential maladies?

Take, for example, MEASLES CURES CANCER (Mayo study links cancer cure to measles).[1] 


Perhaps God had a plan?

Perhaps there was a plan to cause a little suffering along the way rather than contracting a disease that has no cure and inflicts pain and suffering on more than just the victim.

If that is, indeed, the case, (and I am not saying that it is) it would be the hallmark example of inflicting unintended consequences through misguided good intentions.

I was a victim of polio in 1948, 27 years after FDR got it, and seven years before Dr. Jonas Saulk developed the “magic bullet” that virtually wiped it out.  In fact, there has not been a case of polio in the US since 1979, at least, not in anyone who did not bring it with them from a foreign country.

Since the vaccine was not employed until I had already “survived” polio for seven years, my parents “opted out” of the free polio-shot given to every kid at school.  I had a brother and two sisters still in school, all in grades ahead of me, and my parents decided to opt them out, as well.  My parents’ logic was my brother and sisters had acquired a natural immunity during the 30-day quarantine they went through from the time I demonstrated symptoms until I returned home from a two-week hospital stay.

My parents had NO medical training.  In fact, my father attended one year of college, and my mother had none at all.  Even so, their choice was not made from ignorance.  Perhaps their decision to not vaccinate was as much a reaction to an arbitrarily imposed quarantine, about which they were given no choice, as it was their belief that if you didn’t get it when you were exposed that closely, a vaccine was, at best, redundant.  They thought, if the other kids didn’t get it, they wouldn’t get it.

Although I was spared any direct stories about it, other family stories make it obvious that my parents were greatly concerned about government overreach in many, many things, the enforced quarantine and the “strongly recommended” vaccination against polio, were issues they experienced firsthand.  It was from them that I gained MY respect (or not) for government decisions if not government itself.

When one reviews the clinical epidemiology of polio, it appears that my parents were more prescient than were the “government officials” who made the quarantine and vaccination decisions for and without parental participation, if not concurrence. 

Since 1961, testing has revealed that polio infected almost 75% of the people who were exposed to the virus through oral or fecal contact.  That means that three out of four people who were exposed contracted the virus.  However, only about 22 or 23% of those who caught it presented any of the disease’s symptoms.  It also revealed that the type and extent of those symptoms reached their maximum effect within two weeks of when the person contracted the disease.

Continued study and tracking show that polio was eradicated in 1979, or so declared by the Center for Disease Control (CDC), a US Federal Agency.  And yet, with 40 years of a polio-free America behind us, the CDC strongly recommends FOUR inoculations of the polio virus vaccinations be administered to EVERY NEWBORN AMERICAN.  The “requirements” are one shot at two months, one at four months, one between 6 - 18 months, and the fourth and final shot between four and six years of age.

Although the Federal government, though the CDC, recommends that regimen of polio vaccinations, there is NO FEDERAL LAW, demanding that America’s children be, in fact, vaccinated.  According to them, it is the parents’ prerogatives to have their children participate, or not.

Except…  All 50 States in the United States for America, operating under the guidance of the CDC, have instituted laws and regulations that do demand child inoculations for the CDC protocols.  Parents’ preferences notwithstanding. 

There are very, very few exceptions that are carved out to countermand the mandates.  Reasons such as potential negative medical conditions, and, in many states, religious/philosophical reasons, or even parental preference MAY exempt a child on an individual basis.  Mandatory vaccinations are eventuated by the States under the guise of child-protections, through educational control (which is a leopard with different colored spots from simple government overreach).  Can’t go to school if you don’t have your shots. The implied emphasis here is not that your child needs it as much as it is for the protection of all the other school children who will immediately die if someone else’s child shows up without their shots.

Even home-schooled children must comply with vaccination dictates in states like North Dakota (all six of those kids, I think), Minnesota, Tennessee, and Pennsylvania (although the regulations seem to be more concerned about the accuracy, official status, and comprehensiveness of the record keeping).  Another 21 states have non-consistent regulations that keep broader-based categories less identifiable.  Variables like mixing home-school students with public school students for some “required” studies (Phys Ed, a specific Social Studies class, or advanced math, etc.) change each state’s rules in different ways.

Those mandatory vaccinations do include polio (poliomyelitis) virus along with 7 other diseases:

  • diphtheria.
  • tetanus.
  • pertussis (whooping cough)
  • measles.
  • mumps.
  • rubella.
  • haemophilus influenza type b infections.

So, what Do we know?

Today we are having a BIG BROUHAHA about Measles, vaccinations, and laws imposing them.

The battle comes down to parents versus the CDC.  And the parents are losing.

The CDC wields the power of the Federal Government.  Even though they do not manage the laws, they mandate the narrative and the so-called, data behind it.  Take a look, for a second, at the numbers the CDC relies on…


This year (so far in 2019), there have been at least 23 “outbreaks” of measles.  Not very clearly reported is that an “outbreak” consists of 3 reported cases within an individual county in a state.  Well, except Arizona’s outbreak was a 12-month-old who came home to Pima County from a trip to a less developed region of Asia in March.  That “one” has grown to three Pima cases since then. Of course, Pima County has about 120 miles of border with un-vaccinated Mexico, not that it should make a difference…


Arizona’s worst Measles Year since measles was declared completely eradicated in America in 2000 was when 32 inmates at the Eloy Detention were identified as having measles.  Oh, yeah, the inmates being detained there were Immigration Detainees awaiting trial or just convicted of a crime.  But their parents made them get their shots, right?


The fact is, that since 2000, there has NOT been a single incidence of a measles breakout caused by an American.  In fact, in the 2019 GI-Normous numbers (764 reported cases since January 1st) EVERY SINGLE CASE initiating one of those 3-person outbreaks was started by a foreigner or an American returning from an area where measles is NOT eradicated.  Admittedly, a “majority” (something greater than 50.1%) of Americans who have contracted measles had not been vaccinated due to religious reasons.


And, speaking of percentages and efficacy rates of vaccinations, it might be useful to review some tables associated how well a vaccine works -- since the CDC has labeled so many of the deadly 8 as eradicated.


We know that Polio was declared eradicated in 1979.

Diphtheria has had 2 occurrences since 2004.

Smallpox was declared eradicated in 1979.

Pertussis has NOT been totally eradicated, but…  it’s symptoms, like most other respiratory diseases (that we do not vaccinate against) promote the proper treatment.  The CDC says, “up to 20 babies have died since 2010.”

Mumps is a twin to measles.  It dropped to less than 250 cases a year in the US and then was supplemented by the introduction of un-vaccinated foreigners raising the rate to about 2300 in 2018 and 736, so far this year.

ALL incidences of Rubella since 2012 were, like measles and mumps, were brought to the US by foreigners.

Tetanus can never be eradicated because the cause is not a communicable virus passed from one human to another. 

And the final virus is the annual influenza outbreaks.  I don’t think I can fairly unpack the information about influenza viruses and vaccines.  The assumptions and averages make accuracy pretty elusive.  The vaccine must be targeted for specific viruses.  Each year someone picks the 6 or 8 most likely viruses to use capacities to produce their specific vaccines.  Then, there is a specific population of less the 3,500 people with Acute Respiratory Illness that they inoculate with the vaccine.  The published results of approximate estimates are released and, VOILA, vaccine effectivity numbers.  “Nearly 50% is actually a ‘confidence indication’ adjustment from between 34% and 57%.”  Those are overly optimistic.  We could just as easily suggest that the vaccine works barely 1/3 of the time.

It may be callous of me, but compared to what I believe a parent's Rights are, Mandatory vaccination for ANY or ALL of the above diseases, are simply not justified.  They (our well-meaning leaders) are doing it because they CAN, not because it is life or death.  It is based on the feel-good, “if it saves one child’s life,” do it. 

So…  To vaccinate or not to vaccinate…  is NOT the question.  The question the government has set up is Who will sacrifice their Rights in subjugation to the other?  Whose Rights are bigger?

The best-laid plans of mice…

God forbid they “cure” the common cold.

[1] If you won’t, can’t review the article, it simply states that a 49-year-old woman suffering end-stage cancer was totally cured in about two weeks after receiving aa super-strength injection of the measles virus.  She was clear of all cancer including the disappearance of a golfball sized tumor.

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Comment by LaMont E. Andrews on May 15, 2019 at 11:19am

Great share AFA...

Comment by Larry Grafanakis on May 15, 2019 at 10:56am

I'm surprised by your question.  Are you knew to the debate.  I've been following this for years.  And we know the Deep State is heavily FOR vaccinations, even forced vaccinations.  What's curious right now is that I did a search on the internet and on Youtube for doctors who have produced evidence that vaccinations cause autism and I couldn't find a single one.  Uh-oh, Google has struck again.  You see, THAT'S the kind of fight were into.  When the Deep State can control the information to such a degree that people will not find evidence ....... conclusive documented evidence, then we are in real trouble. 

Don't fret, however.  I ran out of time this morning but I'll find it later and send some proof your way.

Comment by Jaspersgoat on May 15, 2019 at 6:12am

To Eric Barnes: yes, I think there is proof.  Maybe not indisputable but a trend that may be eventually.  There are many relationships between vaccinations of perfectly normal kids who suddenly become autistic.  Until that is proven or disproven parents should be the sole arbiter of their kids health.  We didn't have all those vacs as kids and Patricia is exactly right: we got mumps or chicken pox and exposed every kid on the block: instant immunity and no chemical affects.  There are much worse things than getting these kinds of diseases and NOW, it's discovered that there is a relationship between measles and cancer. That measles might cure cancers https://vaxxter.com/mayo-clinic-trials-show-measles-may-cure-cancer/  Sure it's controversial and big pharma won't like it since Monsanto is pushing vax because it's high profit

Comment by Jaspersgoat on May 15, 2019 at 6:04am

This is a lot of info and good info. It proves to me that the FDA is in charge of health care(less) in America

Comment by Eric Barnes on May 15, 2019 at 4:34am

Larry: Is there any actual evidence of lowered IQ due to vaccinations?

Comment by Larry Grafanakis on May 14, 2019 at 10:19pm

The VAX community demands 68 vaccinations by the time a child is 5 years old.  That will probably reduce the average IQ about 30 points.  Won't the World Elite Masters just love that.  Let's secretly vaccinate all of them with all these and rid our world of its Royal Elite Rulers.

Comment by Patricia Gillenwater on May 14, 2019 at 8:12pm

My Mother and a grandparent of hearing a child had measles and the like off we would be taken for exposure.The old way to immunize.

In this global NWO with no borders a pandemic is just around the corner.


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