(Our civil and political problems continue no matter what we do, so let’s leave it alone for now and discuss a completely different subject with moral and ethical implications.  Perhaps it will give us some insight into how and why things got to be the way they are now.) 

I have often wondered how it can be that, while hundreds of government agencies and private industries can track my movement, constantly, to within 25 inches, there can still be tribes of indigenous peoples completely unaware of the modern world just 25 miles away from their primitive huts?  It helps me understand the vastness of the world and, at the same time, the isolation of some places and the density of others.  But I still marvel that mankind has not occupied every habitable location on Earth, especially places where people can live off the land even if their tools are rocks and they are essentially naked (a fact that keeps Junior High boys interested in the National Geographic).

For example, there is a prehistoric tribe living on North Sentinel Island in the Bay of Bengal.  They are less than 25 miles from modern civilization in Wandoor on the island of Andaman.  The Sentinelese Tribe is claimed to be completely free from contact by modern, civilized mankind (and yet they have steel machetes, axes, and hoes?).  In addition, small aircraft “fly-overs” are a near-daily occurrence – can’t keep them “lookie-loos” from site-seeing.  The “natives” have attacked and killed a number of “intruders” and have presented their most intimidating warrior-image whenever visitors have gotten close.  The claim is they have been isolated on their island for 30,000 years…

Indigenous Peoples experts suggest there are more than 100 tribes around the world that are free of civilized corruption.  The most accurate count says [there] are 77 uncontacted tribes in Brazil, alone.  Scientists suggest that a minimum of 160 individuals are necessary to maintain at least ten generations of an isolated civilization.   Using my High School Algebra, that makes at least 16,000 individuals who have yet to experience the Kardashians or a Taco Bell Gordita. I assume that there are roughly an equal number of men and women and probably NO homosexuals of any non-binary persuasion.  I do wonder how it is that they remain isolated.

Evidently, throughout the world, there are a sufficient number of people, with significant enough influence, to keep those 16,000 in their prehistoric state.  Their argument for avoidance is two-fold.  The first excuse reason is humanitarian in that contact with an isolated group will, no doubt, murder at least half of them with some dreaded children’s disease (against which we now have effective medicines -- this ain’t 1700).  Their second reason is more of a Catch-22.   If we contact them, they will lose their unique language and culture.  That would be terrible because, in their estimation, we need to retain that uniqueness so WE can understand how our ancestors developed and survived.  But then again… how do we learn their language and culture unless someone gets close enough to translate, or to understand the nuances of their social interaction?  It is not likely that we can do that by flying over them in a Cessna 150.

Therefore, here is MY dilemma…

Should we help them enter the 21st Century, or are we obligated to leave them alone at 25,000 years before history?

I think you know my position.

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Comment by marc on April 4, 2019 at 2:23pm

common consciousness is why they would have some of the so-called modern tools. It's also why the patent  patent office cannot protect your invention.

once you think a thought, it becomes public via the electromagnetic fields generated by our bodies. Granted, not many of us can tune into them. But once they become big in the common consciousness, the thoughts are absorbed by others.

Just an interesting thought.

Comment by Cyn on April 4, 2019 at 12:30pm

I can guarantee ... if these people lived on lands with valuable natural resources, they would have been destroyed by now like so many areas in Africa.

Comment by Patricia Gillenwater on April 4, 2019 at 11:30am

Leave them alone. While my position gives the lefty-loo's some bragging rights I do not wish the 21-century plans they have for most of us who may not find themselves among the overclass if the souls can escape our fate good for them. 

For many of us our fate is sustainable living the left's way. We may have available to us only rudimentary tools to try and protect ourselves. 

Comment by Terry Rapp on April 4, 2019 at 10:43am

Eric -- Not so much "meddling" and certainly not invading (like Latin Americans are doing to us).  It's more an issue of un-naturally "avoiding."  Sooner or later, some self-serving idiots will accidentally or intentionally make "contact."  As I pointed out, it must have already happened since they have steel machetes axes and hoes, but no ores, smelters, ovens or skills to manufacture steel.  Perhaps it would be better to plan the process to help them join civilization in a controlled environment.  We might be able to retain their language and at least identify most of their social interactions, as well as protect their health.  So, we can implement a plan to control the welcome now, or, as you say, murder them accidentally later.  For dang sure, it will be one or the other, sooner or later.

Comment by Eric Barnes on April 4, 2019 at 10:18am

Should we invade them...and that is what it would be...they would all be dead of diseases to which they had never been  exposed.  For once, stop meddling!


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