I think it is time to stop using the word Conservative, but Constitutional Conservative separates the Men from the Boys. I do not want to be labeled in the same group as the Senators from Arizona, or to be considered with moderate or liberal parties in the State of Arizona who call themselves Republicans. Governor Ducey yOur support of proposition 123 shows that you are not a constitutional Conservative, and you have also setup our state to be penalized by the Feds for a bad proposition. Propositions in State Government are not representative Government, but Mob Rule. Therefore, since Governor Ducey plans on staying away from the Trump Rally tomorrow, then me and all my Rowdy friends will not support Ducey in the next election, nor will we donate to his election campaigns in the future. I am voting for a new patriot, who is going to run for his position next time. You should be ashamed of yourself. You have an interesting Resume, trying to stop the work of Diane Douglas, pushing on Jeff Dewitt, and now your non support of Trump. You are just a Useful Idiot for other real Traitors in our State. Sleep well, remember us Elephants have a very good memory. Let the games begin!

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