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Comment by Rob Gallo on July 25, 2021 at 1:23pm

If you haven't seen the response state senator Ugenti-Rita received at the recent Turning Point USA rally. check it out here  (

I believe it was a case of sowing what you reap, and the senator has been doing this for the last 4 + years. 

Two years ago I attended a local Republicans meeting where she was one of the speakers.  When it came to the Q&A, I asked her what can she do about the garbage being taught in our schools (this was prior to the CRT revelation).  She said it was the school boards and Superintendent that needed to address this.

I was stunned because SHE and her peers approve the school budgets, which is a powerful tool to ensure the right messages are being taught in the public schools.  At that point I surmised that she is a self-serving politician first and foremost.  

We all know the key to keeping our constitution working, is for politicians to listen to their constituents, not the special interest of even the party big wigs.  The other key part is to have our local elected candidates prove they will be true to their campaign promises and the voters (included the other side).

Ms. Ugenti-Rita is yet another example of  a failed Republican NOT remaining true to the party values and constitution.  I hope she finds a place better suited for her style of leadership...perhaps a legal or public relations firm.  

Lastly, let us not forget every one of those board of supervisors members in Maricopa county, they too will likely find employment elsewhere post election, so perhaps they can starts a PAC with Ms. Ugenti-Rita as the CEO?

Comment by Valeri Marsh on May 19, 2021 at 5:56am

URGENT. CAN YOU SHARE? Neighborhood alert: The wireless industry is going door-to-door selling high speed internet to homeowners in exchange for letting them place a small but highly dangerous antenna on people's rooftops that emits unprecedented levels of mm wavelength radiation (NOT a good thing!). This enables facial recognition, threatening privacy, and endangers the health and safety of the user's household AND their neighbors, who will not receive notice of the installation. This video you can share explains the situation, and this one is an invitation to an  Emergency Educational Meeting Thursday 5/27 at 6:00pm over Zoom that will provide tools to protect your neighborhood. This website has a great flier you can use to notify your neighbors about dangerous rooftop antennas. Several freedom-loving organizations will be in attendance. Please share and attend the meeting May 27. Thank you!

Comment by Mary Therese Munda on May 10, 2021 at 1:29am

See Telegram Channel





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